31 December 2018



for the last time this year here are my empties.

Avon glycerin hand and nail cream is hands down my favorite one and I have been through so many tubes of it already that I don't even know if it has any sense to talk about how amazing it is.

Avon naturals milk and honey is another hand cream that came to an end but besides of its lovely scent it didn't convince me. The texture can be too greasy if I applied too much but otherwise it didn't handle my dry skin. To me it was pointless and I won't repurchase it again.

Another Avon tube and it isn't the last one  ;) this one is from the Planet SPA line and it is the  Caribbean Escape face massage mask with crushed pearls and algae extract. I know that that description doesn't sound appealing but it smells divine. Very comforting, creamy and luxurious. This mask has some scrub particles in it but they don't do much since they are so sparse but the moisture is real. I can feel the layer on my skin even after washing it off and it lightly moisturize my skin. I like it but not so much to repurchase it.

Avon foot works exotic paradise exfoliating scrub with coconut scent. I usually get these foot works scrubs because they are packed with scrubbing particles but I use them on my face with very little pressure so I don't damage my skin and because I really think that they work and are super cheap I will continue buying them but this one disappointed me a bit. I feel like it wasn't so very scrubby.

Afrodita Great Burdock hair oil is another repurchase of mine and I got all of my close ones hooked on. Seriously, if you want your hair to grow use this one two or three times and you will thank me later.

Rimmel Oh my Gloss! oil tint in the shade Master Pink was something I was working on it for a while. I checked what I have written in my initial review and I still agree with it. The texture is a bit thin and it goes away a bit too fast for my taste. After a longer period of time I find out that it isn't very nourishing and honestly I have other oils and glosses that comfort my lips and gives them plenty of shine so I won't buy it again.

Catrice luxury Lips intensive care gloss oil in the color Revolution-berry lips. It was the most 'pigmented' out of the bunch and therefore my favorite. It gave my lips a  nice flush and it did manage to moisturize them. For me this formula was much much better than the Rimmel one I talked previously.

This Lily Lolo mineral concealer in the shade Blondie is super duper old (they have different packaging now for instance). I don't know how people can use this all over their faces because on me it this was very drying and it made me look much older (wrinkles got more pronounced and dry patches emerged) but I found some use for it. Whenever I got a pimple I would brush a bit all over that little sucker and it dry it down while wearing make-up. I only had to be careful because the color was a smidge light for me but some face powder dusted all over fixed it. Even though it was nice for my acne or the opposite, my acne were afraid of it I won't buy it again.

The very last item is Essence Hello Autumn TE multicolored powder in Autumn & the city. It had four different golden/beige/brown shades and sometimes I picked some specifically and used them on my eyes but if I just swirled all of them together it created a nice golden highlighter, if I proceeded to pack it on the slight brown base showed and it looked like a glowy bronzer. I liked that versatility but through the years I found better products and this one more and more started to look like a glitter on the skin. I think it dried so the only solution that I came up with was to smash it and mix it in with different hair sprays so my hair can shine like they deserve it  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

30 December 2018

Happy New Year


yesterday I went to the post office to pick up my mail but was completely taken by a surprise by a large package. Familiar writing and I immediately know who sent me this bag. Nope, it wasn't my mom or a secret admirer but it was from my lovely PR lady from Cosnova. Thank you so very much for this lovely gift.

I just took products out of the package but haven't used them jet but some of the products I already own so I know their formulas and I know I will love them (magnetic loose eye shadow with velvet texture is nothing but amazing and the caring volume lip gloss is some of my favorite glosses lines and this is now already the third tube of it). In the new year I will have fun trying out the white superior strength & volume lash primer which promises stronger and more voluminous lashes after a month of regular use - very intriguing and at the top there are the golden highlighting drops which looks more champagne toned than gold and therefore more natural on the skin. I'm super excited to not only try the new products out but also very ecstatic because of this really nice gesture from them.

Thank you and have a very good New Year full of joy and hugs

16 December 2018

Project Polish


today I would like to show you my recently used up nail polishes. All of them look like there is still something left but since they are so old they got thick and goopey. I did use all of them recently and I had to tilt the bottles to get enough polish out to paint all of my nails and even then I got tip wear really soon. I really like all of these shades but they are past their prime so they have to go.

First we have Catrice Royal REDding which has a sand finish that I adore. It is a standard bright red but the finish is what makes it so special. This has to be one of my favorites and because Catrice discontinued it long time ago I'm checking other brands for something similar (I know Misslyn has some diamond/sand finish varnishes, I have to check their stand the next time I will be at the store).

The next two bottles I believe belong to the same brand Joy. I can always find them in various stores all tossed together in giant bowls and you have to dig in to check the shades. For me that is not very appealing because it makes them look even cheaper even though they cost around one Euro anyways. One reason why they are so inexpensive is the 5 ml bottle and the other is that they don't even have names so I name them myself. The first color reminds me of bottle of a Jam. Purple base with purple and red shimmers and almost jelly texture looks delicious on the nails. The other is darker almost black blue-purple with tons of silver sparkles that shines like stars on Starry Night.

The very last one is also one of my favorites and it is Essence Grey-t to be here. I'm in love with grey nail polishes and it doesn't even matter if they are light or dark, shimmery, glittery or creams... I like them all. This was pretty unique with its light color and pink and golden shimmer in it. It had a little something to it to stand out and I definitely appreciate that especially if you have so many bottles of gray polish.

I know, not the best photograph but it is the only half decent that I could make. The red one isn't so light on the nails and all the other have shimmer which is more shiny in person. Only the Starry Night looks quite true to it self and boy oh boy it is gorgeous. Well, all four were magnificent colors and I will miss them all but life goes on and there are still so many colors in my stash that need to get used up.

These four bottles concludes 40 bottles that I got rid of this year alone. Some of them I used up, some I had to toss because they were too old and some I gave away to a better home but all in all I have 40 bottles less (I did bought and received some so my collection didn't exactly went down for forty but it is still a pretty good accomplishment). I think I deserved a good pat on the back  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 December 2018



cold weather and some snow announce true Winter. I don't like this season but since I'm an optimist I do anything to make me feel better. I light up my fireplace, warm up some hot chocolate, bundle up on couch with some books... I would do pretty much anything until reality strikes me and I have to embrace the cold and go to work  ;)

I think that the name of the brand is Roberts and it is their Rose water/toner. Mine is just a sample bottle that I received when I bought the full size (I gave it to my mom and she loves it). I feel in love with it after first use, it is rose scented which is already a big plus for me but it also feels moisturizing and a great companion for my make-up. I pour it in a spray bottle and use it over my make-up and it just makes it better. It is quite hard to explain but I can see a difference to the better. My skin afterwards isn't to dewy just hydrated and healthy looking. Now I'm using something else but I'm buying the big bottle next (one for me and one for my mom).

Dusch das is a very cheap brand that makes body washes. I remember a couple of years when I went on a vacation with my parents and we completely forgot to take a body wash with us so we found this one in a local market and the Magnolia scent charmed me. It is nothing too special but this scent take me places, I probably won't buy other scents but this one for sure I will.

Green Pharmacy products were on my list for a long time so when I was running low on micellar water I purchase this tall bottle. It is gentle on my skin but unfortunately also on make-up. I wash my face with face wash and as a last step I soak cotton pad with some micellar water to remove any bits of foundation or eyeshadow left but this one just couldn't handle it. I won't be buying it again.

Biotherm recovery face gel intense hydration prolong your tan gel was something I purchased at the beginning of this Summer. For its claims to prolong your tan you have to have some tan to begin with ;)   I used it as a night time moisturizer and it didn't disappoint. It feels like an ordinary aloe gel but way more hydrating. I didn't even need to top it off with oil or heavier cream, this lightweight gel was completely enough. It is a stellar product but the packaging has its flaws. On the photo you can't see but the straw doesn't reach all the way till the bottom so I was not able to get the last bits of product out (it was expensive so I would really like to dig everything out), I thought of taking scissors or knife but knowing how clumsy I am I would rather keep all of my fingers so I'm tossing this pretty hard plastic bottle away even though that there is still some amazing product left.

I finally decided to try the only mascara that my sister uses and she swears by. It is Avon Supershock mascara (I have used up a couple of tubes of the Supershock Max and loved it). This one is its big sister and it is gorgeous. Big brush my look scary at first but the plastic bristles combs through every lash. It can look very natural (it individualize and lengthen every single lash) with two coats it still doesn't look clumpy but a bit more dramatic (not in a false lash kind of way). I fell in love with it and I'm definitely buying it again.

The next mascara is from Catrice and it is The little black one in waterproof version. Compared to the Avon brush this one is tiny. It is very wet and if I didn't wipe it really well it made a big mess. With this one I had to take an extra step to remove the excess and slowly build it up but once it was on it looked quite dramatic and nothing could ruin it (it survived my sisters wedding day). Still, I wouldn't repurchase it but I would rather get their Lashes to Kill mascara next.

Missha perfect cover BB cream in the shade 13 was something I bought ages ago. A couple of years I was only wearing BB creams but those times has changed but I'm still left with quite a lot of Asian BB creams which I use on my neck and chest (it depend from my clothes and how deep the cuts go). This one was a bit too light but it was nice to mix in with other BB creams. This tube never really convinced me to get the more suitable shade for myself. For me the coverage wasn't impressive enough and so  I was always scratching my head whenever I have read or heard people raving about it.

Benecos Fall in love blush trio was an amazing blush that I already miss. I talked about it here you can also see how it looks like. The color was a fresh coral-pink with build in highlighter. In original post I stated that the blush and highlighting strip feels softer and the bronzer strip harder and I was right. I had a massive pan in the center and towards the coral blush part it was very thin while the brown side was still quite intact. Last week when I used it, happy with the result I accidentally dropped it and it smashed all over my floor so I had to clean it up and admit that it is gone. I know that this trio is still available and I have set a goal for myself. When I will finish two more blushes I will go and pick this baby again, I just have to stay away from purchasing novelties and use what is already in my stash.

That last bit goes for all my make-up and cosmetic, I will try to finish at least two products from the same category before purchasing a new one at least if used one wasn't the only one. I decided that I'm not going to wait till next year to make resolutions which will benefit me but I will start right now and here.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

12 December 2018

Dazzle Metal


Catrice has welcome us with holiday/glitter inspired collection called Glitter Storm. Most of the products include some sort of glitter and while some people think that is only appropriate for the Winter time I'm someone who loves glitter all year round ;) I was lucky enough to receive this palette but I have my eyes locked on one of the eye liners. In the next couple of days I will go and check it out in person to see if it is something I would love.

Catrice TE called Glitter Storm Dazzle Metal palette named Dazzle on the dance floor is the product I'm describing today.
The outer packaging is velvet with beautiful golden stars, very very nice.

It contains two highlighters on the sides and eight different sized eye shadows in the middle.

I have swatched them in order so the highlighters are on the sides. I think they did an amazing job with finishes because I can find matte, satin, metallic and shimmery shadows. Very neutral with that red pop in the middle.

When I opened it I immediately liked it but I was hesitant over the red one. It is beautiful but I just can't imagine myself wearing it in public. I'm just not that bold ;)

First icy pink is the highlighter. For sure you can use it on the eyes as well but for my taste is a tad too pink (the other highlighter is the bomb) to use it anywhere on my face.
The first top (smaller pan) eye shadow is the one that I thought that I will absolutely love. It has this slightly green base, like a pewter but 'unfortunately' it doesn't show on the skin, it is more of a shimmery shadow with a barely there base, still beautiful just not what I have expected.
Underneath is the cooler matte brown which I find it to be very nice for the base and to define my crease with. When I do a cooler look I reach for this one for sure.
Next is this shiny red which is so far out of my comfort zone that I almost didn't want to try it. I did eventually but after I got home from work and I know no one would saw me. Long story short I don't like it on me so this is the one shade that I won't use ever again.
The next one is the 'perfect bronze' for me. On the photos you can't see but this one has sateen finish and it is very rich in tone, I can't spot any orange tones and that works for me (I have become a 'specialist' over bronze shadows and I dare to say that this one is one of my absolute favorites).

The other half starts with this more orange toned bronze but it can be sheered out to create this lovely peachy tone with some sparse shimmer but it is so very eye catching. This baby looks so good all over the lid paired with some lashes to crate that doll look or dabbed in the center of the lid over some more dramatic brown tones for that extra sparkle. This one really took me by surprise.
The one underneath is very similar to the 'perfect bronze' shade but is more shimmery and it is a bit warmer and more golden. Again I love that they didn't make it more yellow but they rather add more of an antique gold tone to it and it is another stunner in this palette.
Shade that looks like molten gold has fantastic finish I would wear shadows like that all the time (where can I sign a petition to make this finish more common and in single format shadows? I would buy a lot  ;) the only thing that prevents me from overusing it is the tone. For me this is a bit too yellow but still none the less it is lovely.
The last almost black shadow looks a bit boring but it is very useful in a palette. Some people are masters in smokey eyes and since none of the shades are really dark this one steps in. I personally use it to line my eyes and since I have black brows I can even use it to fill in my brows, I have to be a tad careful not too make them too dark but it is manageable if I happen to not have my brow shades around.
And the very last one is the second highlighter with the same molten effect as the golden shade but this one doesn't have as much yellow in it. The tone looks more 'natural' but then the shine kicks in and it is magical, seen from outer space blinding. For me this isn't something for an every day but maybe every second day  ;)

I really like the entire color scheme in this palette. I'm very picky when it comes to the shades so not liking some of the colors is kind of natural for me (that is the reason I prefer singles over palettes) but this one will stay with me for at least a while at least to get me through the magical holiday season.

Thank you Catrice for sending me this beautiful palette, I really enjoy playing with it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

11 December 2018

Astrology and make-up


today I would like to show you the face palette that completely obsessed me. These four products can be used all together on individually. It is a face palette but all of the shades also looks amazing on the eyes and creating looks with the same products on the eyes and cheeks is something I'm having a lot of fun lately.
I would like to thank the Catrice PR team for kindly sending me this super amazing palette.

It is Catrice Astrology TE face palette. There is also the eye shadow palette and a big kabuki brush. I have checked the eye shadows but I don't think I would like it as much as I like the eye shadow palette that I'm going to show you tomorrow  ;)

You open the hard cardboard packaging in the center and on each side you get a mirror (the are a bit small to see your entire face in it) and a plastic cover with astrology signs (I'm not into this whole astrology thing. I know which sign I am but I don't know which little picture represents my sign so this theme definitely isn't something that would pulled me in).

The blush and bronzer are both matte, the two highlighters have different tones and also different shimmer intensity/finish so the palette doesn't repeat itself.

If I start with the matte blush which is a nice toned down coral-pink shade. I feel different skin undertones (cool or warm but within fair tones) could pull it off. It has brightness in it so it makes cheeks look a bit brighter and healthier but it is not overly pigmented so it would't make me look like a clown. I approve this shade and I have been wearing it non stop.
The bronzer is also somewhat unique. On the photos it might don't look but in real life it is very neutral toned with somewhat olive undertone. On my pale warmer complexion it looks very nice, it does warm up my cheeks in a very natural way (if I don't overdue it, of course ;). I like that the bronzer is also not super pigmented and I can slowly build it up.

On the other side there are two highlighters and if I start with the top one which is more yellow toned and has some sparse shimmers. This one doesn't look so flattering on me, the tone is a bit too bright yellow and the shimmer also doesn't do me any justice but on the eyes it is pretty.
The bottom highlighter is the one that saves the day. This one is more of a skin tone beige and also the finish is more appropriate for a highlighter. It doesn't have any stand out shimmers but it is buttery smooth and looks like a cream product. The shine can be build up but it starts intense and you can just make it blinding from there on.

This palette could just as well be a trio (leave the top highlighter out) and it would be perfect. I can't put my hands off of the blush which looks amazing on its own or with different highlighters to play with the undertones to avoid the same look everyday. Bronzer is also great stand alone product or paired with the bottom highlighter to look like I have spent some hours on the sun in the middle of the Winter. I love it and I'm having such fun trying new combinations and I seriously don't think I will get sick of it anytime soon.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

10 December 2018

I will never desert you


for today I have one of the 'forgotten' posts but not product. I really like it and if you got your hands on it and love it as well...

It is Essence Wanted: Sunset Dreamers TE and this is their fading bronzer (they also had blush in the same packaging with the same fading design but the colors just didn't appeal to me) with the name I'll never desert you ( I love this cheesy name).

So the 'bronzer' looks very interesting but I would say that this is more of a face palette than just a bronzer. You see, the first half is highlighter and the other side is more of a bronzer. This product especially caught my eyes because of its tone.

The bronzer side looks very neutral (my photos don't do it justice), not cool toned so it can be mistaken for a contour powder but rather a bronzer that doesn't have orange tint in it. For that I really like it even though I have to be very careful that I place my brush in the same spot to do my other cheek so both sides of my face match ;)

Here I made three swatches with this palette in order of the pan but you can make way more combinations with it. I usually go in with my bronzer brush somewhere in the center (second swatch) and bronze my cheeks. If I want more glow I dab my brush at the beginning and apply some more highlighter.
There is shimmer through the entire palette so if you like matte then this isn't for you. Luckily I love shiny cheeks and this type of finish is my favorite. There are no glitter particles or visible shimmer but more of a glow/sateen finish.

For me they could make this product permanent and come out with more shades of highlighter/bronzer and they could also make some blush combos. I would support that if they would keep this amazing finish.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

09 December 2018



I feel like I can get away with glittery nails all year round but most go with sparkles in the holiday season. I received these two products from Catrice in the middle of the year when they came out with them.

Catrice #peeloffglam nail polishs in Stress Does Not Go Well With My Polish and the golden one is When In Doubt, Just Add Glitter.

They are both glittery but have different sizes of shiny particles. The pink SDNGWWMP (the names are super long) has two noticeable different sizes of glitter and in general they are bigger then the ones in the WIDJAG which also has two sizes but you have to look really close to see the difference.

Here I applied them on their own and up close they don't look that good but from the 'normal' distance and especially on the sun or under the artificial light they sparkle like crazy and the little blank areas aren't seen. I used two coats and the golden one covers more but that is probably just because of the smaller glitter size. 

I did use them also as an accent nails and I personally like them better that way and here I combined the golden WIDJAG and the pinky purple is Catrice Wear Berries.
Here I have used the base coat under the glitter to see how would it work and it seems like it didn't mind. I was able to remove it in one take just as well with or without base coat underneath. This gave me wings so next time I used one coat over colored base (I wore some colorful nail polish for two or three days and when I got bored instead of removing it I applied one coat of this Catrice glitter over and when I removed it the next day it managed to take off all of the layers). Now I'm thinking that this is great for also removing nail polish, if I ever get bored I can put one coat of these one, let them dry and then remove them  ;)

P.S. That is probably very bad for your nails, when I peeled the polish off, my nails did look dry and almost like something has stripped them so with regular use they could potentially damage your nails.

This is how it looks afterwards. There is no chipping or tearing, they come off in one take and it is very easy.
For the end I would like to point out the weird glue like scent and the slightly gummy texture (it has to be thicker so the glitter stays dispensed in the base evenly) so I suggest to use thin coats and work fast.

There are two blue shades that I have my eyes on and maybe I will pick them up for the holidays.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

06 December 2018

Goodbye Pores


today is the right day to introduce one of the slightly less 'interesting' product but it is so very essential in my make-up routine. A year and a half ago I didn't care about face primers but now I wear them every day and I can't imagine to put foundation on 'bare' face.

Catrice Goodbye Pores longlasting soft effect face primer was sent to me when it came out at the beginning of the year so thank you Catrice PR team for the lovely gift.

It is a silicone face primer which fills up the pores and covers up small wrinkles. In theory I do like that on my skin but with this one we didn't become friends.
It is cream colored but on the skin it looks translucent and doesn't add any color but it softly mattifys the skin.

The texture spread nicely and absorbs quickly and my make-up/foundation looked nice after I applied it on top of it. After a couple of hours I have noticed weird bumps on my chin and jaw line. I made sure that I didn't wear any other new products so I started to suspect this primer immediately but since I wasn't sure I waited a couple of days to heal my skin and then I used it again and these little bumps emerge again so that was enough for me. I did have very similar problem with Avon's primer in a pot so that is why I only tried this one twice because I really didn't want to damage my skin any more.
I have already gave it away and someone else is really enjoying it so it really depends from sensitivity of your skin. I'm happy that I got to try it even though I didn't like it but that just made me appreciate the other primers that I have and works for me.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

03 December 2018

Yes, Eye Can


today I have a very special palette here. The moment I lay my eyes on it I hoped it would be available here in Slovenia and I remember I was checking the stores nearby twice a week just so I wouldn't miss it. At the end they were placed in the 'perfume' section and I found it by accident  ;)

I only grabbed the Yes, eye can natural look one and not the other ones from Essence or Catrice (L.O.V. ones weren't even available here).
This is just the cardboard packaging but it is so pretty with the shiny metallic dots, right?

The outside of the palette looks a bit dull with light pink and red dots but that doesn't matter, what is really important is hidden inside.

It is filled with neutrals and mostly they are warm toned. I love my neutrals but I gravitate towards neutral tones or cool browns, so this was something new for me.

Here it looks like it has a lot of variety in tones but in real life some of the shades can look similar especially on such small area as an eye lid.

Here they are the top two rows, a lot of warm orange tones and sparkles.

The first shade Say Yes is matte, cream color that I had to build up to even show. It is sheer and very close to my skin tone but I use shades like that to apply over primer or to diffuse any harsh edges.

Be Glowing is one of my favorites with this gorgeous intense metallic finish. It is a bit warm but compared with the rest not so much.

Rusty orange is Be Unique and honesty I'm a bit scared of this shade. It is not my cup of tea but I have tried it one afternoon and it seemed very pigmented but not something I would wear.

Next to it is a similar shade but with a big chunky glitter (five in total with this finish) Be A Star.
Again, this is also not something I would be comfortable wearing but I did give it a go and it had quite a lot of fallout (in fact all glittery shades have glitter fallout so doing the eyes first is a must).

Take A Risk is one of my favorite glitters but I was a bit disappointed with the glitter all over my face. Essence can make amazing glittery shades but this one just didn't cut it, unfortunately because I really liked this antique cooler toned gold.

The last one on top row is Have Fun and I did have lots of fun. I have realized that mauve tones really suit me and this slight shimmery finish is absolutely gorgeous.

If I follow with the second row, the first shade is very yellow toned gold in the Do ME shade. I do like golds but only if they aren't so yellow so this one was a pass for me.

Go For It is a deeper brown with shimmer, no particular fallout and the best is to apply it with a finger. Just a bit of a dab on the lid and the party can continue.

Be Happy is another rather unusual shade for me. It is very light pastel peach and I tried it as a transition shade and it did work but I wasn't in love with it. This is another shade that I'm happy that I have tried it but I can live without it.

Do My Best (and the following two shades are the last super glittery shades with intense fallout). It is very warm orange-y goals and it did not rock my boat.

Just Do It is in my opinion the most unique shade in here and I'm on a lookout to find a dupe in single format, any ideas? The base in mauve but with intense silver blue shift. I have never thought that I would like it but I did, unfortunately the glitter all over my cheeks did leave bitter taste in my mouth.

Do It For Love glitter is more red toned than Be A Star but very similar. I tried it after I came home from work and I can't imagine myself wearing it out to the public (there is nothing wrong with red shadow but some of us just aren't made for this bold shade).

And now the other half or the last two rows of warm neutrals.

The first shade named Make It Happen is barely visible because of its almost non existing color but it does have tiny golden shimmer. In theory I do like this barely there look but I wish that the shimmer wouldn't be so yellow toned.

Be Fabulous is more of a chestnut warm brow and a nice color to have. The intense shimmer makes it shine and it can easily be a stand alone shade or a pop of something-something on the lid.

Be A Legend is matte and really nice crease shade for my skin tone and light color of my skin. A neutral maybe even cooled toned matte brown is sort of essential and really nice to find in this massive palette.

Cuddle Up is a bit less warm and has smaller shimmer than Be Fabulous but other vise very similar. I picked this one if I didn't want my look to be so loud as it can be with Be Fabulous.

Go For Gold is also very shimmery gold again also very similar to the previous Cuddle Up and Be Fabulous. Go For Gold has more gold in it  but the finish is the creamier as it is with the Be Fabulous one.

Do It Dark looks a bit odd in the palette almost as an alien with its murky matte tone but if you have black brows and want to fill them in with an eye shadow this is the one to go. I could create more of a natural brows (I always fill them in with eye shadow and angled brush and even though my brow hairs are pitch black I prefer to use softer blacks or greys to make them look more natural) or I would softly line my eyes, it gave them definition without being too obvious.

Be Myself also has two other shades in this row that look very similar. It has some shimmer and it is a peachy gold shade, nice all over the lid color when I didn't want to be too fussy with my make-up.

Even peachier version of Be Myself is Do Good, the sheen is slightly less intense but also very beautiful.

Be A Winner is more yellow toned and therefore not something I would love on myself.

Another beauty is Take It Easy, matte mauve and I just can't believe that I have fallen in these mauve tones so much. It is very light and great for the crease.

Do It Again is darker almost matte brown,great for darkening the outer corners or lining the eyes and give them some warmth.

I really screw it up with the last swatch named Go Natural but I hope you can see the intense metallic sheen, this would make a beautiful highlighter and cheeks would probably be seen from out of space ;) I have only used it on my lids and it is gorgeous, I want it in a single format.

To sum it up, there are 6 matte shades (Say Yes, Be Unique, Be Happy, Be A Legend, Do It Dark and Take It Easy), 5 very creamy metallic- they look like I have applied them wet but they are just dry swatches which is probably my favorite finish in this palette (Be Glowing, Do ME, Go For Gold, Be Myself and Go Natural), 3 colors with intense base bit with some bigger shimmer tossed in the mix, if they are not pressed into the skin you can just blow on them and the particles fly away (Go For It, Be Fabulous and Be A Winner), one barely there shade with some small shimmer (Make It Happen), one with almost matte finish but when you look at it up close you see some tiny shimmer (Do It Again), 3 sateen like finish (Have Fun, Cuddle Up and Do Good) and last but not least 5 intense glitters with major fallout (Be A Star, Take A Risk, Do My Best, Just Do It and Do It For Love).

All in all I like the palette and I would totally keep it if I wouldn't already own so many shadows, especially I have tons and tons of neutrals and this palette is full of them. The difference being that most of them here are warm and as I already said I prefer cooler toned neutrals. I purchased this palette myself but I don't feel bad for giving it away. Tomorrow I will pass it down to my sister and since she also wears neutrals and doesn't have so many shadows I think she will really like it. The massive mirror hidden in the top is also a big plus.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

02 December 2018

soon to be gone Catrice products


I randomly stumbled upon a list of products that Catrice will soon discontinue. The entire list could be foun here.

I went through it and there really isn't that many products that would interest me, I picked out five and the next time I will be at the store I will checked them out and if they will look nice I will wait for the sale prices.

This big Professional Artist eye shadow palette in The Key Piece surprised me the most to see it on this list because I heard nothing but rave reviews so I was always interested in it but there are two brighter pink shades that always made me turn away plus I was always telling myself that I really don't need more shadows. If I could get it at the reduced price I will get it otherwise I will let this one slide.

For this #insta to go blur stick face primer I have mixed feelings. I loved the one from Catrice LE Travelight Story and Essence For Boys and Girls which were in the same packaging and really nice on my skin so if this one is anything similar I will get it. There was another one from this years Catrice LE Active Warrior again in the same packaging but that one is more silicone based and even stronger but in this cooler weather my skin doesn't like it but I will save it for the hot Summer. So long story short Catrice and Essence had face primers in the same chubby packaging and I had all three and I love them all (some work better in hotter some in cooler weather) so I will for sure check this one out since the ones I have are all LE and therefore no longer available and if the formula will remind me of some previous primers I will buy it.

Wow, this Light Spectrum Strobing Brick in the Brown Brilliance shade is another one of those products that charmed me at first glance (there are two other color options but they don't interest me at all). It is something I have already bought at the beginning of November but I haven't reviewed it jet. I think that if it managed to get on my to-buy list again is a big enough hint of how much I like it  ;)

It's Glow Time is one of the big Light in a box highlighter palettes. I'm not really interested in other bigger palettes with this pan position and honestly even this one almost didn't cut it. I think I have swatched it in the store and since I didn't buy it that tells me a lot but maybe if I will find it for very cheap I will be able to 'overlook' the shades that are a part of it but don't interest me (the second on top looks very yellow and the special effect top coat is more of a sparse glitter).

P.S. The more I look at this palette the less I want it...

And for last I have saved only one nail related product and it is one of super eye catching Shake & Seal top coats. If I will get it I think I will get the 'boring' silver one named Icy Slowdonwn. I don't think they give a lot of color but each has different shimmer or glitter even though some look very similar so if I will get it I will get one bottle only. I googled a bit and I have found two different ladies with very dark nail polish on and when they added one coat of Icy Slowdown on top it looked like crushed ice-holographic. I used to have a holo top coat but it got all gunky and hard so I had to toss it and I think that this would be a nice replacement.

Now we just have to sit tight and wait for them to announce all of the new products which will replace current ones and I can't wait.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

01 December 2018

Charming Rose and Pink Harmony


I'm blushing for not posting in such a long time and that gave me this idea for the post, very obvious  ;)

It is Lavera so fresh mineral rouge powder in the shade Charming Rose. Very coral and bright to give my skin some vitality and healthy radiance.

It has this beautiful print on top but with use it goes away but is there anyone else out there who gets so mesmerized by it? I know that I probably wouldn't look at it twice but I'm super happy that I did. The texture is super creamy soft, it does kick a bit of a powder but nothing too bad.

This blush has become one of my go-to's. Whenever I want to get some fresh flushed cheeks I would grab it and the slight sheen made this color even better. I went to the store to swatch some other shades and my eyes stopped on the pink shade called Pink Harmony (second swatch).

Compared Charming Rose looks pretty orange toned here but when the Pink Harmony isn't on the picture it is more coral but still with rather orange undertone.

I didn't grab the Pink Harmony because I have so many blushes in my stash but when I will manage to use one or two up I will get it for sure. Buttery texture totally convinced me even though the Charming Rose has that beautiful sheen to it and the Pink Harmony unfortunately don't I can 'solve' it with some highlighter on top, right?

Have you already tried their blushes? There isn't a lot to choose from, only four shades but still, the formula is a dream.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day