25 March 2018

Lashes to kill


Catrice send me this waterproof mascara just in time. While it is still cold we are getting glimpses of the real Spring and soon the days will be hot and humid and I will need make-up that lasts. In general I use Avon mascaras but since they send me this one I decided to try it out and I wasn't disappointed...

It is the 'new' Catrice lashes to kill pro instant volume mascara in black waterproof version (the non waterproof version comes in golden packaging).

I like the reflective blue packaging that sets it apart from other products but the most important thing (brush and formula) are hidden inside.

At first I was a bit scared because I am used to use rubber wands and this one has the more traditional bristles and I wasn't sure how it will comb through my lashes (I don't like clumpy and thick lashes).
Actually it manages to separate and elongate them nicely, it holds the volume nicely but not all day. After a couple of hours the curl drops a bit but I'm fine as long as it isn't the straight, I'm gonna poke you in the eye kind of situation.

The brush looks different from different angles so I like to rotate it while brushing it through my lashes so every lash gets covered and separated. I like how natural my lashes look but also 'done' at the same time. This is not your high drama kind of mascara but something you can use every day to get some definition plus you are covered if it starts raining.
The other thing I really like about it is also the formula. I have never had a mascara that I would love from the first use. They are all too wet for my liking for the first month but this isn't the case with this one. For day one this mascara killed it! I has become my go to everyday mascara and I seriously think that I will use it in September when my sister is getting married and I don't think I will be able to hold in the waterfall.
For that occasion I will for sure buy myself a new tube not just because this will be old but also because I will most probably use it up till then.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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