29 March 2018

Liquid Silver


my nails needed some life and instead of bright colors I decided to get something mirror like and wow, the effect is better than what I expected.

Catrice kindly gifted me with these new nail polishes. First is Lux Chrome in Liquid Silver (so far it is the only color available) and the Lux Chrome 2 in 1 base & top coat.

I used one coat of the 2 in 1 as a base, it dries super fast so almost immediately I applied the Liquid Silver on top. It is quite liquid but very opaque. I did two coats to get that even and smooth layer and after it dries the surface reflect image, almost like a mirror.
I tried the ridge filling base coat the next time (yes, I loved it so much that after I removed it after five days I repainted them with the same color but I used different base coat to see it my nails would get smoother and so the surface would look even more polished but the silver varnish didn't wan't to stick to it so using the 2 in 1 base & top coat is a must!).

I think my pinky looks the best so I wanted to include one photo of it as well.

I was scared that it will be hard to manage or it will dry streaky but I was completely blown away. I honesty would never pick it up myself but now I want Catrice to come up with more shades, I would pick up a garnet red or a deep blue shade in a heartbeat.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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