28 March 2018

Mint and Berry


for today I have prepared a simple post. Simple as a simple product that often gets forgotten but it is so essential. I'm talking about lip balm.

This is Alverde Mint and Berry LE lip balm (they have Calendula one that is part of their standard range and my sister loves it).
I went with it because I love Mint lip products. I have to say that it smells more like a toothpaste with some non sweet berries in the mix if that makes sense. I expected to be cooling but it is not.

The stick is soft red but it doesn't give off any color so you are good if you are applying it without the mirror. The texture is light and not greasy, because of that it also looks like nothing on the lips (I personally like the glossy look but this one has just a little shine for the first five minutes after that it looks like your bare lips). It also doesn't last for long, maybe thirty minutes and after that I feel the need to reapply.
It is moisturizing but nothing compared to per say similarly priced Terra Naturi one.

For me this is a very average balm. There is nothing about it that I would hate or dislike but it could be better. I will still use it up (I'm already half way through it) but then I will buy something nicer.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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