17 March 2018

refreshing & moisturizing primer stick


Essence came out with this TE almost a month ago but some of the stores still haven't got the products so there is still a chance to grab them before they are gone.

Essence For Boys and Girls TE contains 'basic' products and one of them is this refreshing & moisturizing primer stick. It comes in a small but chubby format.

The packaging and the product itself reminded me very much of an Catrice Summer TE Travelight Story from this past Summer about which you can read here.

You have to apply it straight on the face, at first it feels a bit cooling but it instantly makes the skin matte. For super oily gals like me this won't keep the oils at bay for the whole day so I use it on the days when it is not too hot (now is perfect) and the make-up on top wears really nice. I get shiny but foundation doesn't start to break or crack. All in all I really like it and the price is lower that it was on the Catrice one (they will come out with anther collection Active Warrior and it seem like it will include a very similar primer again), I like it a lot and I will try to hunt down a backup before it is gone.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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