08 March 2018

Iridescent Pink, Opalescent Green and Peach Prism


I was so very excited when I saw this palette in the bag. Doesn't it look stunning?

The reflective surface of this L.O.V. holographic highlighter palette is insane. It is made out of sturdy cardboard which is something I'm not to happy about it but it will do. The  magnetic closure is strong and it doesn't feel flimsy, it is just a personal preference (plastic over paper because I can wash it).

Inside you get three shades which looks very similar to one another but after swatching them there is a whole new story.

First shade is Iridescent Pink which swatches lavender, next is Opalescent Green which is 'the bold one' and the more conservative Peach Prism which comes out more pink than peach.

Really, in the palette they look very static and light, not reflective at all.

However, on the skin these come to life.

I didn't even tried to make pigmented swatches, they are all one swipes and the pigmentation is insane.

Iridescent Pink and Opalescent Green are the 'crazy' ones and I can't imagine myself wearing them on my cheeks. I prefer my highlighter to be more natural toned so the last one the Peach Prism is the only one that grazed my cheeks and I paired it pinky blush so it didn't look too out of place.

The first two shades makes a beautiful eye shadows. I paired them with some more toned down colors such as brown or grey and then just a little bit of one of these on the lid and my eye looks always turned out to be so eye catchy.

Peach Prism comes across as less pigmented from the bunch but that is not true. It has duochrome effect that is maybe more visible on the lower photo, in the real life it is more visible.

It has that gorgeous effect that I love so very much. You can see it only where the light hits it directly
otherwise it is almost invisible unlike the first two shades that are screaming out lout with their pigmented base.

I'm a young woman that is still trying and struggling with make-up and I prefer more 'natural' looking cheeks. I know there are women who are bolder and have no problem with adding some green glow onto their cupid's bow but I'm not one of them and that is okay.
I'm happy and grateful that I have been send this palette to review it and test something new out.
I now have pinky highlighter for my cheeks and two more eye shadows  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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