30 June 2016



today is the last day of June and I thought it is great time to get rid of some empty packaging. I started with this type of posts earlier this month and I might continue with them twice a month since I hate keeping empty packaging for to long. This time I managed to clear out seven items.

First we have Avon Color Trend lip balm in Refreshing Pear. This was available a couple of years ago, I remember really liking this one so I bought this backup. My opinion changed a bit, it had a nice pear/lime scent and while it was green it was clear on the lips but it did had some random glitter in it which was completely unnecessary if you ask me. It was nice moisturizing balm but sometimes a bit sticky.

Next to it is A'pieu NonCo Tea Tree oil, I have been using it religiously ever since I got it last year and I loved it. My breakouts reduced and skin got much clearer. The packaging is opaque so I didn't realize how much I used it up, one day it was just gone. I already ordered a new bottle but will have to wait for it till it gets here. I wrote about it here.

I finished another body lotion and this time it is Avon Perceive. I reviewed the scent here. It was lovely scented, average lotion. I have been using it every single day and my skin was moisturized and soft but I don't know how it would handle with very dry skin. I already repurchased this scent but I will wait a couple of months till I start using it again.

I used up a body wash, this one is from I love... brand in a Honey Almond scent. The smell is authentic Honey with a bit of Almond warmth to it. Pure joy to use it until I actually started using it in the shower. The consistency is a bit thin so you have to be careful not to spill it. It doesn't foam much but I still had a feeling it cleaned my body, the issue I had with it is the scent development. In the bottle it smells divine, mixed with water it smells plastic-y and fake. I admit, I have been pouring with it just to finish it as soon as possible. I for sure won't repurchase it and if I'm not mistaken they aren't that cheap to begin with.

In the orange tin is Agatha Ruiz de la Prada lip balm in Tropical scent. I wrote about it here and you can see that I really didn't like it. I mostly used it on my hands and that is the reason why it was finished up so fast.

Avon lipstick Baby Lips

In the little tube is Avon sample lipstick in Baby Lips. It is so old that I don't even remember which line it belonged and Avon for sure don't sell it anymore. In the swatch above you can see the color and I have to say this is the perfect pink for me. If it would be available I would repurchase it in the full size but I'm not that lucky. It is medium pink, with buildable consistency, no glitter or shimmer but it is glossy and moisturizing. Pure love.

And the last bottle I finished was also from Avon, Planet SPA mediterranean olive hot oil. The instructions says that you have to put it a hot water for a minute, than you step in the shower and apply oil on wet hair and leave it on for another minute. After that you continue with your normal routine. I noticed that my hair looked better after using it but I didn't liked to put something moisturizing on 'dirty' hair. I have my routine which is, washing my hair with shampoo twice and then I put conditioner, mask or some kind of treatment on while my hair are already clean. This messed up with my routine and even if it would still be available I wouldn't repurchase it (the mask from the same line in the big pot is also amazing and is already on my list).

This was quite a lot of products are writing but I like doing them. I can always go back and read my thoughts about particular items and see if I liked them or not, if I should repurchase it or not.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

29 June 2016

Project polish


it is the end of the month and I managed to clear out two more polishes.

Essence Fateful Desire & Be Optimistic!

It is pure coincidence that they are both old Essence nail varnishes. The beautiful red is called Fateful Desire and frosty orange is Be Optimistic!

This red shade is one of my favorite. It is slightly darker than true red and also cool toned. It suits my skin tone very well and if it would be still available I would repurchase it for sure.
Next, we have frosty, warm, bright orange. This is the only orange nail polish in my collection and I remember I got it in a swap, I would never buy shade like this. I tried it once but it really isn't my cup of tea so I'm tossing it for good.
This year I completed ten bottles of nail polish and I'm still counting. I have another six months ahead...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

27 June 2016

Time to compare


the last few posts have all been dedicated to Avon products and for today I have another one. I showed you the new Glow lipsticks and while the shades weren't that bad I disliked the formula but I found something very similar already in my stash...

Avon Ultra Color Latte & Glow Nude Sand

They are both Avon lipsticks, first is Ultra Color in the shade Latte and second is Avon Glow Nude Sand. They don't look like exact dupes in the tube but they seemed similar enough to compare them side by side.

Avon Ultra Color Latte & Glow Nude Sand

They both have cream finish but aren't completely matte. First swatched is Latte and it looks a bit lighter and more neutral toned than Nude Sand which comes off more orange-y toned. On the lips you can barely tell the difference but I like Latte much more because it doesn't have to much warmth in it.

Avon Ultra Color Rich Country Rose & Glow Caribbean Coral

Next we have the battle of brights. First is Avon Ultra Color Rich (mine is in the old packaging and the name used to be a bit longer but when they were repackaging them they kept the shade and I believe it is the same) in the shade Country Rose and second is Avon Glow Caribbean Coral.

Avon Ultra Color Rich Country Rose & Glow Caribbean Coral

Country Rose is more red and Caribbean Coral has more coral-orange tone to it but what made me think of potential dupes is the finish. They both contain that silver, cool toned glow which visually makes my lips look fuller. While the shades can't be mistaken for each other, they are enough similar for me.

There are no dupes here but if you don't want to have gazillion lipsticks (I think I came to my senses and I will try to be more aware while buying new lip products because I already have so many and I don't want them to go bad) I think if you already have one of each you don't need the other one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

25 June 2016

Caribbean Coral


today I'm showing you the last item I got from Avon Glow collection, did I save the best for the last?

Avon Glow lip stylo Caribbean Coral

Avon Glow lip stylo in Caribbean Coral. I really like this elongated packaging compared to normal chubbier lipstick cases, it seems more elegant.

This is the actual product and as you can see it has some lines in it and it looks like it contains some shimmer.

It looks completely different than Nude Sand which has cream finish and falls a bit flat. This shade has dimension with silver particles which creates glow and visually plumps the lips.

Avon Glow lip stylo Caribbean Coral

I tried one more time and photographed it on my lips, some would say it has a frost finish but I always shiver when I hear that, it has such a bad reputation, doesn't it? Well, whatever the finish I think it is very flattering, when the light naturally reflects from the center of my lips and makes them look fuller without layering gazilion product.
I think the shade is beautiful. To me it doesn't look to coral but like a washed out red.
But how does it wear? What is the formula? Well, I'm sad to say but it is the same as it was with the nude one. When I try to reapply it gets all gross and sticky and icky. I had to remove all of the remaining pigment and apply fresh layer, that worked but can I be bothered? No, I can't.

Sorry Avon but I'm returning both shades, they are lovely but the formula of these just didn't work for me.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

24 June 2016

Warm Coral


we are having such a nice sunny days and I felt the need to continue with this theme on the blog as well. Let's dive into the Summer with some more glowing products.

Avon Glow bronzing pearls Warm Coral

Avon really prepared a nice treat for us with this years Glow collection. Today I want to show you bronzing pearls in Warm Coral. The packaging is really nice, I remember these pearls used to come in huge pots but they minimized them and made them easier to travel with.

Avon Glow bronzing pearls Warm Coral

This is how they look like. You can spot three different colors in there and what surprised me is how little pearls is in there. They cover the bottom and it looks like they tossed just a couple on top, you don't even get two full rows of pearls. A little disappointing but then again, will I be able to finish them up this Summer? Probably not.

I thought it would be fun to swatch all three colors separately and on the last, fourth swatch you can see all of the colors mixed together.
The lightest shade is very shimmery and yellow toned cream color.
Next is the bright coral shade which also contains some shimmer.
Last is the warm toned brown with no shimmer.
All together give warm bronze shade with a sateen glow, I don't know where the shimmer went but it is not seen on the skin.When it is applied on the cheeks it just shines from within. I wish it would be a little less warm but still, it is a beautiful shade.

Here you can maybe see the mixed colors better and also the lack of shimmer. They are very pigmented and it is very easy to overdo the color, so I have to be very careful.
This is my very first bronzer and I'm very happy with it. I love the glow it gives to my cheeks and the color is really lovely, when I use it on my face I try to use very light hand so in person isn't as orange and unnatural looking. For me it also works as a nice eye shadow and I like how it works against my blue eyes and at the same time it also doesn't look like I'm wearing to much make-up because the color is the same on the eyes and on the cheeks. I like that, sometimes I use the same lipstick on the lips and on the cheeks or at least use something very close in terms of color.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

22 June 2016

Nude Sand


it is time to show some love to the lips. Avon recently came out with Summer inspired collection and today I have one of the lipsticks to show it to you.

Avon Glow lip stylo Nude Sand

Avon Glow lip stylo in Nude Sand. It comes in a bronze packaging so it is easy to spot among other lipsticks.

This particular shade has no shimmer, just a simple cream finish. While the shade does look like a sand on a paradise beach, the scent mimics fresh melons in a fruit salad. It is very light not very noticeable but I think it is a nice touch.

The shade is obviously nude, it is a little darker but with an orange undertone, hello yellow teeth. The finish is slightly creamy, it is not matte but after an hour it gets a bit dry and it looses the sheen.

Avon Glow lip stylo Nude Sand

This is how it looks on my lips and I don't think it is very flattering on me. Yellow toned nudes creates that warm line on the edge (it looks like I lined them with a lip liner but I didn't, it is just lipstick). I prefer brown toned nudes on myself but that is just the personal preference.
I would like to talk some more about the formula. I was somehow expecting light glossy lipstick but this is pigmented stuff. It applies very creamy and evenly but after two hours it looses the creaminess and I feel the need to reapply (I hate having bare lips, so when I can't feel the product on my lips I reapply even if the pigment is still there). It survived drinking even though it left a mark on the glass but you will have to reapply thoroughly after a meal. I noticed when I was adding new layer, the lipstick got a bit sticky and goopey, especially where my lips are touching, on the inner part of my lips. That happened only once when I was testing matte lipstick, I don't need to go in depth but I tossed it. It looked horrible so I wiped it off and reapplied on bare lips and it looked fine. I learned that adding more layers it will make it look awful but fresh layer looks nice.

I have mixed feelings about this one. The shade is not very flattering on me and formula is weird, first layer looks nice but as soon as you try to put more it looks gross. I have seen some reviews about these around the web and none of them mentioned that problem so I guess it is just me. I will try the Coral one and I will let you know if it is the same.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

21 June 2016

Sea Salt Spray


temperatures are rising, sun is shinning and that can only mean that the Summer is around the corner but I am not in the right mood. I want to be on a vacation by the sea, smell salt and pine trees and swim all day long but I can't, so I was thinking how to get myself into thinking that I'm at the beach?

Well, with a right scent it is pretty easy. I helped myself with Balea Trend it up Beach style salt spray. It smells like a fruit salad, papaya, pineapple, kiwi maybe even mango. It is delicious but unfortunately the scent doesn't stay for long.
I bought it because I wanted to have messy hairstyle like cool girls do but that turned to be a difficult job. Mine hair are long, heavy and straight as it get, on few occasions I went to hairstylist to make them curly but it didn't last for long. They just don't want to be curled so this spray had a difficult job to do.
I washed my hair and while they were still wet I braided them and put them up in a bun, generously I sprayed them with this salt spray and went to bed. After waking up I sprayed them some more and then wear my hair down, they were wavy but an hour later they were back to normal, straight but the spray made them all crunchy and tangled (not what I wanted). I tried it on some other occasions but it never really worked.

I realized that my hair just can't look messy, they are straight and polished and if I try to do something else it doesn't work, it doesn't look natural.
I guess I will finish this bottle because it smells divine but in the future I will stay away from sea salt sprays and I will rather spent my money on oils or products which will make my hair shiny and glossy. I learned that it is better to work with my hair and not against them. I wish to have naturally wavy hear but I'm not that fortunate.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

20 June 2016

Catrice is discontinuing...


people at Cosnova revealed new products which will be available before Autumn in the drugstores and there are quite some items that caught my eye. I think there are also quite a lot of brand new lines and not just new shades but that also means that they will need to discontinue some lovely products. I can't wait for German bloggers to go to Cosnova events and take photos of novelties but in the mean time I found swatches of the items that will leave and made a list of the products that I will like to see in person and if they convince me, than I will also purchase them.

On the first photo there are only lip products. I am still a lip product junkie and I would like to get my hands on some of the above items (in the previous turnover I didn't like any so I feel like I can get a little more this time).

They decided to already discontinue Luxury Lips Intensive care Glosses, didn't they add them recently? I haven't buy any only because I already have so many lip products  but I always wanted to get them and I had a plan to get at least one to try after I will finish a couple of glosses. Now I will try to get all three of them because I can't decide. They don't tint lips, are almost clear but they are supposed to be scented. Hot pink is actually red in real life and it smells like Papaya-Vanilla, yellow one is honey infused and light pink is Rose scented.

Next they decided to retire the intire Pure Brilliants Color Lip Balm line. I have a feeling they weren't as popular as the 'original' Pure Shine Balms, mostly because these contains small shimmer and normally I don't like sparkle on my lips but the scent on these is great. They remind me of the Fanta drink, fizzy orange, so I might pick the orange-y and pink shade.

I hope they know what they are doing because they are moving out the entire line of Pure Shine Color Lip Balm (they are replacing them with a similar product but I will still stock up in case the new version will not be as good). My first shade that made me fell in love with these super balmy balms was My Cherry Berry and the shade I bought my sister (she also loves this line) was Don't Think Just Pink. I will stock up these two shades, both for me and my sister.

I have never tried their Infinite Shine Lip Glosses but this shade looks lovely and the reference on the movie is so nice, I don't need to go in depth that I like the movie, right?

Beautifying Lip Smoother are super popular but I haven't tried any and now it is time to fix that with an Apricot hue.

Shine Appeal Fluid Lipsticks are great. I have one shade from LE and I absolutely love it. I would say that it is a proper gloss (not really a lipstick) and I can wear it all day long since it moisturise like a lip balm.

Two big palettes will have to retire and I like them both, I don't need more but the shades are kind of my cup of tea.

This particular Smokey Eyes palette got me when I saw swatches of it. It has cream, taupe and olive green shade and a black cream liner. I don't use cream liners but maybe this could be good to try it out.

And lastly there are a couple of nail polishes. I like golden shimmer so this top coat could be nice addition to my collection.

Shabby Cadillac has matte finish which I don't like because it dries to fast and makes application too difficult but the shade is a beautiful mix of grey and lavender and I just can't resist.

Red Nothing Hill Thrill is shimmery red and I have a feeling it is somehow similar to the Essence Right, Girl! shade which I used up earlier this year.

Never No to Holo has self explanatory name, it is a silver holographic nail polish and since I love holo and I don't have it in silver...

I hope I will catch the right moment and won't be to late to get most of my wanted items this time.

Thank you for reading and have a nice time

19 June 2016



it has passed three weeks from my last Avon purchase and I'm back with another one. There is something about brochure shopping that makes me so exciting and willing to purchase almost everything. This time three products from their Glow range warmed my heart.

I purchased one bronzing pearls in the shade Warm Coral. I haven't try any but girls are raving about them all the time so I picked one to try.
Next are two lipsticks, one in Nude Sand and the other one is called Caribbean Coral. I left out the pink version because I have a lot of pink lipsticks already in my collection and I really have to go through the ones I already have before purchasing more. Anyway, I started using the lip products and the review of one of them will be up soon.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

18 June 2016

Oriental Radiance


I am all about moisturising but sometimes it feels right to completely strip the skin. It gives me the feeling that I'm thoroughly cleansing but don't worry, I follow up with something to restore my skin's balance.

My cleansing buddy is from Avon, their Planet SPA Oriental Radiance balancing facial cleanser with white tea. It doesn't really smell like white tea but rather like a fresh cut grass, pleasant and comforting, if I my ad. I love using it in the morning to get off my night cream plus all the oils, if I notice some breakouts popping up, I start using it also in the evening and it helps.
I also love the fact that it comes with a pump, somehow it makes it very convenient and easy. One pump of the product mixed with a couple of drops of water is enough but be careful, if it gets in your eyes it is not pleasant at all.

I would suggest it to all with oily skin, prone to breakouts or simply if you need to really cleanse your skin once in a while. Fresh cut grass scent makes it very pleasant to use and normally this line is more expensive but I often see it on sale. I'm no way near finishing this bottle but I'm pretty confident I will repurchase it once I'm done with this one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

17 June 2016

33. NOTD


I almost forgot about this little fella which I bought a while ago. I have a strong affection towards everything holographic and especially I can't resist it in nail polish form.

 Avon Magic effects cosmic nail varnish Eclipse

This is Avon Magic effects cosmic nail varnish in the shade Eclipse (I can't stop singing Bonnie Tyler's song, Total Eclipse of the Heart, anyone else with me?).

Avon Magic effects cosmic nail varnish Eclipse

It has a very dark green base with marvelous holo shimmer, which is glorious in the sun but also visible well in the shadow. This one skyrocket to the top of my favorite polishes. The texture is on a watery side, a lot of their polishes are like that. To me that is not the problem (they don't get goopy that fast), I guess you just have to get used to it. Other than that it applies like a charm.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

16 June 2016



it has been a while since I posted a lip product and it is time to fix that ;)  I purchased two of these famous, super hyped products and now I will introduce to you my thoughts about what is probably best selling shade from the line.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Honey

It is Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I see this shade everywhere, it is a staple in so many beauty routines, so it felt only natural to try this one first.

If you haven't figure it out, the shade is called Honey. Pretty neutral, light pinky nude shade.

The packaging should match the product but this one appears a bit darker but still nice. The scent is pleasant minty but it goes away pretty fast. Somehow I was expecting tingly feeling but it doesn't do that, it feels like a balm, without the cooling effect.

On the back of my hand the shade looks great for everyday, super wearable and after 30 minutes or so, I tried to remove it with a soap and it already stained my skin, my expectations were high.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Honey

Here is the photo of how it looks on my lips after three hours and I swear this is Honey. I didn't need to wait that long to take the photo because a minute after applying it it turned that dark on me. In real life it actually looks even brighter. This is not the color I expected, it is nice but at the moment I'm in the faze when all I want to wear on my lips is something light, barely there.
I also can't wear this on its own because my lips get dry. It did not provide enough moisture to use it as a balm.
Staining power was nice but after 3-4 hours with drinking, the color started to wear off unevenly and I needed to reapply to maintain even color but that also meant that it got darker and more obvious with every added layer.

I like the minty scent but wish it would last longer, the stain is nice but wears of unevenly, I need to carry different lip balm with me in order to keep my lips moisturised and lastly, the color is so different on me and I don't like it that much. I think it will take me a long time to finish it up and after I'm done with this shade I most definitely won't repurchase it. It just didn't blew me away I can only hope that the other shade will be better.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 June 2016

Glowing Nude


Avon recently came out with products from their Summer limited edition range. Every year they surprise us with new items and their interpretation of effortless Summery look is always fun. For today I have prepared multistick but expect some more products in the future because I just ordered some more.

Avon bronzing multistick Glowing Nude

Avon bronzing multistick in Glowing Nude. There is another version in pink but I avoid pink in make-up as much as possible so I passed. It comes in a special bronze packaging and actually the tube is quite small but with that they avoided excess of packaging which comes handy if you travel with it.

This is the color of the product. It reminds me of honey and I always sniff it because I expect it to have coconut scent but it don't, it doesn't have a scent. It is very creamy and easy to work with.

The color itself is rather odd, it contains small shimmer which looks like a reflex and makes skin look very shiny, glowy. This isn't your typical bronze color, it has too much red in it but I do like the glow. This silver sheen looks very natural on my skin, even though the color would probably be more suitable for a bit darker skin tone.

Under a different angle you are able to see the color and the warmth of it a bit better. I apply the product with my fingers (I avoid straight from the tube contact, since it is not as hygienic and I have a better control over how much of the color I get on my cheeks).
I don't like super strong colored cheeks so I use very little but it does take two or three layers to show up properly (cream products tends to blend out very easily so my experiences are, that you have to use a little more to get some color payoff). On my oily skin this product doesn't last all day but I started pairing it with different powder blushes and like that it works better. Especially Peach and Coral tones look amazing with it.
You can also use it on your eyes but if you have greasy lids, primer underneath won't help much, at least it didn't work for me, plus this color makes my eyes look very tired and sick.
I used it on my lips as well and it wasn't bad, it felt moisturising enough and the color somehow worked, again that silver glow saved the day. It makes the color so much more interesting and my lips look fuller without even trying.
I like this stick as a blush but I think the formula will be more suitable for dry Winter. The color didn't really blew me away but it is not bad, what I absolutely adore is the silver gleam which stays strong even with powder on top. When it comes to the lips region I don't have any complaints, I like the color, shine and glossy finish.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

14 June 2016



I decided to start photo documenting my finished products. I have been making notes about my empty beauty products for almost two years now but having a photo to evoke my memory is even better and if I'm already taking photos I can as well just post them here, right?

Let's start with the last row and slowly move upfront. Pink bottle is Avon Planet SPA Moroccan Romance moisturizing face mist with rose water (that is long). It was available only as a set of three products for a very limited time (I love Rose so I bought two sets). I liked using this over my make-up to refresh and help blend cream products together. I noticed that my skin was moisturized and make-up looked better after using it. I have one more bottle to go through and then it is gone. I would repurchase it, if it would be still available.

Next is Avon Advance techniques absolute perfection BB 10 benefits with advanced shield technology beauty balm leave in treatment (that is even longer). I actually didn't like this product. I used it after washing, on still damp hair and in the morning my hair were sticky, tacky and glued together. I love when my hair are silky soft and tangle free, this did the exact opposite. I ended using it up just as a regular hair conditioner, I rinsed it out and that was it. No repurchase here.

Then we have an item from Mueller and it is their Wild Rose oil for skin. It had a lovely Rose scent, I used it as a moisturizer after a shower and it absorbed pretty fast and made my skin soft and supple. I think they changed the packaging but I think they kept this scent and after I am done with some more body moisturizers I think I would repurchase it.

Avon Ultra color lipstick Country Rose 

Here is a quick swatch of Avon Ultra color lipstick Country Rose. I used up a sample but I also have a full size of this unique red shade. It is bright but has silver reflex to it, it is not quite frosty finish but it also isn't shimmery, I would say it makes it cool toned and because of the shine it also makes lips a bit bigger. I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea but I really like this shade and now I can focus on using up the full size.

The last item is Essence studio nails base coat with nylon fibers. They discontinued this bottle I think two years ago but came out with new bottle. This is awesome if your nails are brittle and weak. The consistency is a bit thicker, it is not completely clear when it dries but it has milky consistency (think nail polishes for french manicure, little coverage but still sheer) with tons of little fibers which looks like tiny hair. That unique texture glues nails together and makes them stronger and less prone to break. I absolutely love this thing and thankfully I have another bottle to go through.

I will probably do posts like this once or twice a month. Here I have only 5 items and this post is already long plus I don't like to store empty packaging. I need that satisfaction when I'm done with something to toss it. In the future expect to see more posts like this.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

13 June 2016

32. NOTD


I'm back with another discontinued nail polish. This baby was treasured for years but now I decided to wipe the dust and use it again.

Essence Fateful Desire

This super old Essence Fateful Desire red shade is a beautiful mix of bright and dark. I'm never seen with bright, true red, it simply isn't my thing but this one is utter perfection and I'm trying to find a dupe for it to replace an almost empty bottle.

Essence Fateful Desire

In person it is a bit deeper but my camera made it brighter. For me this a beautiful cream and usually I get tired of creams but not this one, when I wake up and see this shade on my nails I just know it will be a good day.
Do you have a shade like this?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

11 June 2016

Anew Vitale BB cream


I have been using this product a day short from a whole week but still, I have reached my verdict.

This is Avon's renewed BB cream from Anew Vitale line. It says it visible perfects skin and it has SPF 20. It comes in a nice 30 ml pink tube.

The product itself is of nice consistency, not to thick or to liquid, just right. There is the only shade available and thankfully it is very light and more or less neutral toned.

Here you can maybe see better the tone and consistency. It has a slight scent which reminds me of nature after rain, very pleasant but also very faint. You have nothing to worry about if you are scent sensitive.

When you start blending it it looks more dewy as you would think and also it has silicon-y feeling (it does contain silicone). It fills up my pores and actually perfects my skin. It blurs imperfections but the coverage is very low so it isn't able to cover much just evens everything out.

After a minute or two you can see that my right side of the hand (closer to my thumb) isn't as glowy as it was on the upper photo. The shine goes away, not completely but it looks pretty natural and nice.

Here you can barely detect it on my skin, it really blends in very nicely. After doing this hand test I was super excited to try it on  my face. First of all, my face is more of a yellow toned so the undertone wasn't a perfect match but I blended it down my neck and it wasn't really obvious. My pores and redness were blurred but bigger imperfections were still obvious. For me the concealer was a must, thankfully it blended in nicely. As the last thing I would like to point out that it didn't set in my fine lines, I packed it under my eyes and nothing happened. In my deeper smile lines around my mouth it did settled a little bit but nothing major.
All in all, they made a really good job at Avon with this BB cream, the only thing I wish they would improve is coverage but it is easily fixable with a help from a concealer.
Oh, I almost forgot about the staying power. I have oily skin and this baby hold on for around 6-7 hours, not ideal but still good for such a lightweight BB cream. Usually something so light and almost invisible on the skin disappears much faster, my natural oils break through and makes a mess after an hour or two so, this is impressive.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

10 June 2016

Supreme oils


today I continue with hair stuff. In my previous post I showed you hair oil from this line and now it is time to introduce the shampoo and conditioner as well.

So, they are from Avon Advance Techniques Supreme oils with nutri 5 complex shampoo and conditioner. The scent is the same as it is with oil, warm and cozy. Today I was drinking tea and I added a little bit of honey and then it hit me, this line has honey scent and I love honey so it is a no brainer ;)
They are very nourishing and hydrating on my hair but not to much, combination of these to thankfully does not make my hair overly greasy. I still have to wash my hair after three days but not sooner (I read some reviews when girls said that they made their hair greasier faster). I would say if your hair are already oilier you should avoid this line but if they are in need for some deeper conditioning, then give this line a go and tell me if it works for you to. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

08 June 2016

Shake it


I try to take care of my hair as much as possible. I don't dye or style them with hot tools, so they are not deeply damaged  but occasionally the ends get dry and then I have to incorporate some oils to restore the balance.

For now I'm using Avon Advance Techniques Supreme oils with nutri 5 complex oil. The scent is different than from other advance techniques products, it is hard to describe it. It is the type of scent that could fit in hot Summer days or you can use it in cooler months and it will still feel appropriate. It is warm and spicy, leaning on the oriental territory but it has just enough fresh coconut notes that makes it as a beach scent as well. Do I need to ramble on? It is quite clear that this is a great scent that everyone loves it (well, at least the people I know).
It has two different liquids and you have to shake it well before you spritz your hair with it. It is supposed to nourish and revitalize your hair but I haven't noticed any change. My ends are still dry looking so this unfortunately doesn't make my hair better but also it doesn't make them worse.
I consider it purely as a hair perfume and for that, it is great, the scent stays around for quite some time and when I shake my hair it is like a beautifully scented cloud that surrounds me wherever I am.
I would repurchase this oil in the future only because of the scent.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

07 June 2016

Sweet Sensuality


I decided to do a bit more relaxed post today. Recently I purchased another body spray and because it is new I am constantly spraying myself with it. I have mixed feelings about it but more after the photo.

This is Avon planet SPA Sweet Sensuality body spray with Jasmine essential oil. First, the scent is very strong and if you take a deep breath through your nose it will burn, probably it has a high alcohol content but after a couple of seconds the alcohol is gone and you are left with a lovely scent.
To me it does smell like Jasmine but I can detect also other flowers. I have a feeling like this is a bouquet of flowers and Jasmine slightly overpowers everything but other blossoms are still present, what I'm trying to say is that this isn't pure Jasmine scent. After a while I can also smell a bit of Vanilla in it. It makes it warmer and happier.
The scent is lovely and I also like to spray my bed sheets with it but the downside is that it doesn't last for long, I would say half an hour. It is a shame because this could be something I would repurchase in the future.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

06 June 2016



my hands are in very poor condition lately. I have been using the Melvita hand cream which just doesn't do much for my skin, so I decided to open another hand cream and see if it will perform better on my hands.

Afrodita hand & nail cream Chamomile

This time I opted for Afrodita hand & nail cream with Chamomile. To me it actually smells like a lemon or a lime, which is nice. The texture seems light but a bit oily which shows in absorption or better lack of it. I have to use very little of it and I still end up with greasy fingers. I think that the majority of the cream does sink in but the heavy oily residue is left on my hands and I'm leaving fingerprints all over my keyboard or phone (does anyone else hate that or is it just me?).
I think I will still use it at least until I get a new one but then I will probably give it to my dad who loves olive one from the brand and I have a strong feeling that he will love this one as well, the scent will appeal to him. Maybe Afrodita heavy duty hand creams are meant for seriously dry and cracked men hands.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day