01 June 2016

Toasted Toffee


I'm really on a roll with blushes. They got my interest last year and I fell into this rabbit hole hard. I bought so many that it is really hard to test them all out, after all, I only have one set of cheeks. This color interested me from the beginning, I don't know what exactly it is about burnt orange but I like it.

Benecos natural blush Toasted Toffee

This Benecos natural blush in Toasted Toffee which I bought in March and I have been using on and off ever since. It is a bit harder shade to wear and great pigmentation is not a plus if you are so fair.

Benecos natural blush Toasted Toffee

Here I have swatched it on the back of my hand and the second swatch (closer to the knuckles, what my seems like a blur) is the color blended out.
It is a nice burnt orange shade that my look like a burn if placed high on the cheekbone, I use it very sparingly and when I don't wear too much of other make-up. I feel like it is more of a summer shade and looks great paired with mascara and bright coral lip.
I like wearing it but for me this isn't everyday kind of shade and I prefer to wear it in warmer months. In my opinion Benecos makes great blushes, there are two other shades that I haven't picked up jet, one bright coral and more muted plumy-pink shade. Maybe, if they will go on sale again I will purchase some more.

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