15 June 2016

Glowing Nude


Avon recently came out with products from their Summer limited edition range. Every year they surprise us with new items and their interpretation of effortless Summery look is always fun. For today I have prepared multistick but expect some more products in the future because I just ordered some more.

Avon bronzing multistick Glowing Nude

Avon bronzing multistick in Glowing Nude. There is another version in pink but I avoid pink in make-up as much as possible so I passed. It comes in a special bronze packaging and actually the tube is quite small but with that they avoided excess of packaging which comes handy if you travel with it.

This is the color of the product. It reminds me of honey and I always sniff it because I expect it to have coconut scent but it don't, it doesn't have a scent. It is very creamy and easy to work with.

The color itself is rather odd, it contains small shimmer which looks like a reflex and makes skin look very shiny, glowy. This isn't your typical bronze color, it has too much red in it but I do like the glow. This silver sheen looks very natural on my skin, even though the color would probably be more suitable for a bit darker skin tone.

Under a different angle you are able to see the color and the warmth of it a bit better. I apply the product with my fingers (I avoid straight from the tube contact, since it is not as hygienic and I have a better control over how much of the color I get on my cheeks).
I don't like super strong colored cheeks so I use very little but it does take two or three layers to show up properly (cream products tends to blend out very easily so my experiences are, that you have to use a little more to get some color payoff). On my oily skin this product doesn't last all day but I started pairing it with different powder blushes and like that it works better. Especially Peach and Coral tones look amazing with it.
You can also use it on your eyes but if you have greasy lids, primer underneath won't help much, at least it didn't work for me, plus this color makes my eyes look very tired and sick.
I used it on my lips as well and it wasn't bad, it felt moisturising enough and the color somehow worked, again that silver glow saved the day. It makes the color so much more interesting and my lips look fuller without even trying.
I like this stick as a blush but I think the formula will be more suitable for dry Winter. The color didn't really blew me away but it is not bad, what I absolutely adore is the silver gleam which stays strong even with powder on top. When it comes to the lips region I don't have any complaints, I like the color, shine and glossy finish.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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