21 June 2016

Sea Salt Spray


temperatures are rising, sun is shinning and that can only mean that the Summer is around the corner but I am not in the right mood. I want to be on a vacation by the sea, smell salt and pine trees and swim all day long but I can't, so I was thinking how to get myself into thinking that I'm at the beach?

Well, with a right scent it is pretty easy. I helped myself with Balea Trend it up Beach style salt spray. It smells like a fruit salad, papaya, pineapple, kiwi maybe even mango. It is delicious but unfortunately the scent doesn't stay for long.
I bought it because I wanted to have messy hairstyle like cool girls do but that turned to be a difficult job. Mine hair are long, heavy and straight as it get, on few occasions I went to hairstylist to make them curly but it didn't last for long. They just don't want to be curled so this spray had a difficult job to do.
I washed my hair and while they were still wet I braided them and put them up in a bun, generously I sprayed them with this salt spray and went to bed. After waking up I sprayed them some more and then wear my hair down, they were wavy but an hour later they were back to normal, straight but the spray made them all crunchy and tangled (not what I wanted). I tried it on some other occasions but it never really worked.

I realized that my hair just can't look messy, they are straight and polished and if I try to do something else it doesn't work, it doesn't look natural.
I guess I will finish this bottle because it smells divine but in the future I will stay away from sea salt sprays and I will rather spent my money on oils or products which will make my hair shiny and glossy. I learned that it is better to work with my hair and not against them. I wish to have naturally wavy hear but I'm not that fortunate.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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