25 June 2016

Caribbean Coral


today I'm showing you the last item I got from Avon Glow collection, did I save the best for the last?

Avon Glow lip stylo Caribbean Coral

Avon Glow lip stylo in Caribbean Coral. I really like this elongated packaging compared to normal chubbier lipstick cases, it seems more elegant.

This is the actual product and as you can see it has some lines in it and it looks like it contains some shimmer.

It looks completely different than Nude Sand which has cream finish and falls a bit flat. This shade has dimension with silver particles which creates glow and visually plumps the lips.

Avon Glow lip stylo Caribbean Coral

I tried one more time and photographed it on my lips, some would say it has a frost finish but I always shiver when I hear that, it has such a bad reputation, doesn't it? Well, whatever the finish I think it is very flattering, when the light naturally reflects from the center of my lips and makes them look fuller without layering gazilion product.
I think the shade is beautiful. To me it doesn't look to coral but like a washed out red.
But how does it wear? What is the formula? Well, I'm sad to say but it is the same as it was with the nude one. When I try to reapply it gets all gross and sticky and icky. I had to remove all of the remaining pigment and apply fresh layer, that worked but can I be bothered? No, I can't.

Sorry Avon but I'm returning both shades, they are lovely but the formula of these just didn't work for me.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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