30 June 2016



today is the last day of June and I thought it is great time to get rid of some empty packaging. I started with this type of posts earlier this month and I might continue with them twice a month since I hate keeping empty packaging for to long. This time I managed to clear out seven items.

First we have Avon Color Trend lip balm in Refreshing Pear. This was available a couple of years ago, I remember really liking this one so I bought this backup. My opinion changed a bit, it had a nice pear/lime scent and while it was green it was clear on the lips but it did had some random glitter in it which was completely unnecessary if you ask me. It was nice moisturizing balm but sometimes a bit sticky.

Next to it is A'pieu NonCo Tea Tree oil, I have been using it religiously ever since I got it last year and I loved it. My breakouts reduced and skin got much clearer. The packaging is opaque so I didn't realize how much I used it up, one day it was just gone. I already ordered a new bottle but will have to wait for it till it gets here. I wrote about it here.

I finished another body lotion and this time it is Avon Perceive. I reviewed the scent here. It was lovely scented, average lotion. I have been using it every single day and my skin was moisturized and soft but I don't know how it would handle with very dry skin. I already repurchased this scent but I will wait a couple of months till I start using it again.

I used up a body wash, this one is from I love... brand in a Honey Almond scent. The smell is authentic Honey with a bit of Almond warmth to it. Pure joy to use it until I actually started using it in the shower. The consistency is a bit thin so you have to be careful not to spill it. It doesn't foam much but I still had a feeling it cleaned my body, the issue I had with it is the scent development. In the bottle it smells divine, mixed with water it smells plastic-y and fake. I admit, I have been pouring with it just to finish it as soon as possible. I for sure won't repurchase it and if I'm not mistaken they aren't that cheap to begin with.

In the orange tin is Agatha Ruiz de la Prada lip balm in Tropical scent. I wrote about it here and you can see that I really didn't like it. I mostly used it on my hands and that is the reason why it was finished up so fast.

Avon lipstick Baby Lips

In the little tube is Avon sample lipstick in Baby Lips. It is so old that I don't even remember which line it belonged and Avon for sure don't sell it anymore. In the swatch above you can see the color and I have to say this is the perfect pink for me. If it would be available I would repurchase it in the full size but I'm not that lucky. It is medium pink, with buildable consistency, no glitter or shimmer but it is glossy and moisturizing. Pure love.

And the last bottle I finished was also from Avon, Planet SPA mediterranean olive hot oil. The instructions says that you have to put it a hot water for a minute, than you step in the shower and apply oil on wet hair and leave it on for another minute. After that you continue with your normal routine. I noticed that my hair looked better after using it but I didn't liked to put something moisturizing on 'dirty' hair. I have my routine which is, washing my hair with shampoo twice and then I put conditioner, mask or some kind of treatment on while my hair are already clean. This messed up with my routine and even if it would still be available I wouldn't repurchase it (the mask from the same line in the big pot is also amazing and is already on my list).

This was quite a lot of products are writing but I like doing them. I can always go back and read my thoughts about particular items and see if I liked them or not, if I should repurchase it or not.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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