08 June 2016

Shake it


I try to take care of my hair as much as possible. I don't dye or style them with hot tools, so they are not deeply damaged  but occasionally the ends get dry and then I have to incorporate some oils to restore the balance.

For now I'm using Avon Advance Techniques Supreme oils with nutri 5 complex oil. The scent is different than from other advance techniques products, it is hard to describe it. It is the type of scent that could fit in hot Summer days or you can use it in cooler months and it will still feel appropriate. It is warm and spicy, leaning on the oriental territory but it has just enough fresh coconut notes that makes it as a beach scent as well. Do I need to ramble on? It is quite clear that this is a great scent that everyone loves it (well, at least the people I know).
It has two different liquids and you have to shake it well before you spritz your hair with it. It is supposed to nourish and revitalize your hair but I haven't noticed any change. My ends are still dry looking so this unfortunately doesn't make my hair better but also it doesn't make them worse.
I consider it purely as a hair perfume and for that, it is great, the scent stays around for quite some time and when I shake my hair it is like a beautifully scented cloud that surrounds me wherever I am.
I would repurchase this oil in the future only because of the scent.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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