20 June 2016

Catrice is discontinuing...


people at Cosnova revealed new products which will be available before Autumn in the drugstores and there are quite some items that caught my eye. I think there are also quite a lot of brand new lines and not just new shades but that also means that they will need to discontinue some lovely products. I can't wait for German bloggers to go to Cosnova events and take photos of novelties but in the mean time I found swatches of the items that will leave and made a list of the products that I will like to see in person and if they convince me, than I will also purchase them.

On the first photo there are only lip products. I am still a lip product junkie and I would like to get my hands on some of the above items (in the previous turnover I didn't like any so I feel like I can get a little more this time).

They decided to already discontinue Luxury Lips Intensive care Glosses, didn't they add them recently? I haven't buy any only because I already have so many lip products  but I always wanted to get them and I had a plan to get at least one to try after I will finish a couple of glosses. Now I will try to get all three of them because I can't decide. They don't tint lips, are almost clear but they are supposed to be scented. Hot pink is actually red in real life and it smells like Papaya-Vanilla, yellow one is honey infused and light pink is Rose scented.

Next they decided to retire the intire Pure Brilliants Color Lip Balm line. I have a feeling they weren't as popular as the 'original' Pure Shine Balms, mostly because these contains small shimmer and normally I don't like sparkle on my lips but the scent on these is great. They remind me of the Fanta drink, fizzy orange, so I might pick the orange-y and pink shade.

I hope they know what they are doing because they are moving out the entire line of Pure Shine Color Lip Balm (they are replacing them with a similar product but I will still stock up in case the new version will not be as good). My first shade that made me fell in love with these super balmy balms was My Cherry Berry and the shade I bought my sister (she also loves this line) was Don't Think Just Pink. I will stock up these two shades, both for me and my sister.

I have never tried their Infinite Shine Lip Glosses but this shade looks lovely and the reference on the movie is so nice, I don't need to go in depth that I like the movie, right?

Beautifying Lip Smoother are super popular but I haven't tried any and now it is time to fix that with an Apricot hue.

Shine Appeal Fluid Lipsticks are great. I have one shade from LE and I absolutely love it. I would say that it is a proper gloss (not really a lipstick) and I can wear it all day long since it moisturise like a lip balm.

Two big palettes will have to retire and I like them both, I don't need more but the shades are kind of my cup of tea.

This particular Smokey Eyes palette got me when I saw swatches of it. It has cream, taupe and olive green shade and a black cream liner. I don't use cream liners but maybe this could be good to try it out.

And lastly there are a couple of nail polishes. I like golden shimmer so this top coat could be nice addition to my collection.

Shabby Cadillac has matte finish which I don't like because it dries to fast and makes application too difficult but the shade is a beautiful mix of grey and lavender and I just can't resist.

Red Nothing Hill Thrill is shimmery red and I have a feeling it is somehow similar to the Essence Right, Girl! shade which I used up earlier this year.

Never No to Holo has self explanatory name, it is a silver holographic nail polish and since I love holo and I don't have it in silver...

I hope I will catch the right moment and won't be to late to get most of my wanted items this time.

Thank you for reading and have a nice time

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