27 June 2016

Time to compare


the last few posts have all been dedicated to Avon products and for today I have another one. I showed you the new Glow lipsticks and while the shades weren't that bad I disliked the formula but I found something very similar already in my stash...

Avon Ultra Color Latte & Glow Nude Sand

They are both Avon lipsticks, first is Ultra Color in the shade Latte and second is Avon Glow Nude Sand. They don't look like exact dupes in the tube but they seemed similar enough to compare them side by side.

Avon Ultra Color Latte & Glow Nude Sand

They both have cream finish but aren't completely matte. First swatched is Latte and it looks a bit lighter and more neutral toned than Nude Sand which comes off more orange-y toned. On the lips you can barely tell the difference but I like Latte much more because it doesn't have to much warmth in it.

Avon Ultra Color Rich Country Rose & Glow Caribbean Coral

Next we have the battle of brights. First is Avon Ultra Color Rich (mine is in the old packaging and the name used to be a bit longer but when they were repackaging them they kept the shade and I believe it is the same) in the shade Country Rose and second is Avon Glow Caribbean Coral.

Avon Ultra Color Rich Country Rose & Glow Caribbean Coral

Country Rose is more red and Caribbean Coral has more coral-orange tone to it but what made me think of potential dupes is the finish. They both contain that silver, cool toned glow which visually makes my lips look fuller. While the shades can't be mistaken for each other, they are enough similar for me.

There are no dupes here but if you don't want to have gazillion lipsticks (I think I came to my senses and I will try to be more aware while buying new lip products because I already have so many and I don't want them to go bad) I think if you already have one of each you don't need the other one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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