05 June 2016

New/old Avon items


I feel like I went overboard with Avon purchase this time. I bough a lot of products but a lot of them were on discount page or they are brand new so the price seemed fair. In total I didn't spent that much so that is what comforts me.

As soon I will finish the items that are in current rotation I will probably start using these and I will let you know what I feel about them. On upper photo there is the new Anew vitale BB cream that I'm excited to try (I really liked the old version). Next are two planet Spa items, first is a face wash Oriental radiance, balancing facial cleanser and second is a body mist, named Sweet sensuality. The last tiny item is a new bronzing multistick in the shade Glowing nude.

Here, I repurchased naturals body lotion in Winterberry and Shea scent (yes, I loved it that much), gel like foot cream from Foot works line with a pineapple scent. Next is a lovely scented shampoo from naturals in the Pear and Vanilla scent (my sister recommended it and I always trust her) and last item is also repurchase, their Advance technique dry shampoo.

So far I'm super excited and happy with all of the products and I honestly hope my excitement will continue once I start using the products.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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