14 June 2016



I decided to start photo documenting my finished products. I have been making notes about my empty beauty products for almost two years now but having a photo to evoke my memory is even better and if I'm already taking photos I can as well just post them here, right?

Let's start with the last row and slowly move upfront. Pink bottle is Avon Planet SPA Moroccan Romance moisturizing face mist with rose water (that is long). It was available only as a set of three products for a very limited time (I love Rose so I bought two sets). I liked using this over my make-up to refresh and help blend cream products together. I noticed that my skin was moisturized and make-up looked better after using it. I have one more bottle to go through and then it is gone. I would repurchase it, if it would be still available.

Next is Avon Advance techniques absolute perfection BB 10 benefits with advanced shield technology beauty balm leave in treatment (that is even longer). I actually didn't like this product. I used it after washing, on still damp hair and in the morning my hair were sticky, tacky and glued together. I love when my hair are silky soft and tangle free, this did the exact opposite. I ended using it up just as a regular hair conditioner, I rinsed it out and that was it. No repurchase here.

Then we have an item from Mueller and it is their Wild Rose oil for skin. It had a lovely Rose scent, I used it as a moisturizer after a shower and it absorbed pretty fast and made my skin soft and supple. I think they changed the packaging but I think they kept this scent and after I am done with some more body moisturizers I think I would repurchase it.

Avon Ultra color lipstick Country Rose 

Here is a quick swatch of Avon Ultra color lipstick Country Rose. I used up a sample but I also have a full size of this unique red shade. It is bright but has silver reflex to it, it is not quite frosty finish but it also isn't shimmery, I would say it makes it cool toned and because of the shine it also makes lips a bit bigger. I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea but I really like this shade and now I can focus on using up the full size.

The last item is Essence studio nails base coat with nylon fibers. They discontinued this bottle I think two years ago but came out with new bottle. This is awesome if your nails are brittle and weak. The consistency is a bit thicker, it is not completely clear when it dries but it has milky consistency (think nail polishes for french manicure, little coverage but still sheer) with tons of little fibers which looks like tiny hair. That unique texture glues nails together and makes them stronger and less prone to break. I absolutely love this thing and thankfully I have another bottle to go through.

I will probably do posts like this once or twice a month. Here I have only 5 items and this post is already long plus I don't like to store empty packaging. I need that satisfaction when I'm done with something to toss it. In the future expect to see more posts like this.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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