31 May 2020



by the end of this month I haven't finished so many products but some of them are older or just harder to finish and I'm still happy to make more room, perhaps for something new  ;)

I have a couple of Nivea products, I started to really like the brand the more I try form them. First is their 1 minute urban detox mask with Green Tea & Hyaluron. I really like this fast working moisturizing face mask. I would apply it in the morning and by the time I prepare my morning cup of tea I wash it off any my skin feels nourished and well taken care off. I will definitely repurchase it again but at the moment I have another one, also from Nivea and it is the 'green' one.

Next is another one of my favorites and it is Catrice prime and fine anti-shine fixing spray. I got back into a habit of spraying some after I put my make-up on and I think it does make a difference, especially now when I have to wear a mask. My make-up stays nicer for longer and it doesn't smudge as easily. At the moment I'm using two other limited edition ones from Catrice and I'm not disappointed. After I will finish them up, I'm getting this one again.

Nivea rich moisture soft shower cream comes in a travel size because I received it in an advent calendar a couple of years ago. It did have creamy texture with a nice scent. I don't have the original Nivea cream on hand but I think the scent is pretty close. Very nice body wash but I can't find it online so I guess they stopped making it?

The other advent calendar surprise is this Nivea irresistibly smooth body lotion. This is a light lotion but could stay sticky if I would apply too much at once. The scent was barely there and nothing annoying. It was nice but the slight stickiness bothered me so I won't look for larger size in the shops.

The last item is a success and it is a bottle of fragrance. This is Avon Perceive perfume. It only comes in this 'plain' bottle because it is smaller size (30 ml). It was a very nice white floral with strong powdery note. To my surprise I really like it even though I usually go for a totally different scents. My bottle is very old and I was scared of the scent to go off so I used it up as fast as possible. At the moment I have a lot of fragrance but maybe in the future if I will finish up some more bottles I just might repurchase.

The very last item is this The Body Shop Pinita Colada body butter. I think I bought it online before the first store opened in Slovenia, meaning it is pretty old. The scent started to go off as well (at first it smelled a bit plastic like but when I would rub it into my skin it was nice again). Strong Pineapple and Coconut scent was very tropical and offered a nice experience but now I'm ready to move on onto something else.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

25 May 2020

PR package


I received a little surprise. Cosnova PR team sent me a couple of new products and what a lovely way to brighten any day, right?

I received two items from Essence High Beauty line. First little tube is pink tinted caring lip balm and second, in a yellow packaging is hydrating face primer. Lip balms are my weakness and as soon as I finish one of the balms that I'm using now I will try this one out.
Essence Bronzed this way! shimmering body oil is something I would never pick out myself because of the extreme shimmer but even though it looks very orange/bronze looks might be deceiving. I will test it out some more but it actually looks nice even on my pale skin tone.
The last item actually has a perfect timing since I'm almost done with my current fixing spray which is also from Catrice. This is the new one from their current limited edition Sungasm and is called Summer Glow make-up setting spray. This whole collection is gorgeous and I feel like I have to go and check it out in person as well. Too bad that we can't have any testers out in the store, at the moment because did you see the glowy bronzers? Stunning.

As soon as I will properly wear all of them I will prepare more in depth review for all interested.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 May 2020



this time around I have some Summer inspired products. I decided not to wait till much coveted Summer or vacation simply because I don't know if I will even go on a 'proper' vacation by the beach this year... everything seems so vague and distant, but to stop myself drowning in sad thoughts I decided to create vacation destination right in my bathroom... ;)

Nivea creme pearls body wash with Cherry Blossom is a travel sized one that I received a couple of years ago in an advent calendar with a bunch of minis. I never took it on my travels and this year, God knows... in the mean time I used this in my shower and it gave me the feeling like I'm on a vacation already ;) However, this scent was very, very pleasant but I don't know how to describe it. A bit musky and rich, creamy and it reminds me of an expensive shower gels from fancy hotels. I don't know if that makes any sense but I can say I would buy it again in a full size but I can't find it online  :(

I finished another body wash and this was another lovely one and it is from Balea and it is their limited edition Relaxing Bali body wash. Very nice scent, fruity but not too sweet. Nothing plastick-y or icky but very nice and I would also repurchase it in a heartbeat if I could.

It took me a really long time to finish up this next products because of its size (400ml) and it is Eveline hyaluronic micellar water. I have zero complaints about it. In the evening if I had a feeling like my skin isn't completely clean after two step cleanse I would soak my cotton pad with it and wipe my skin clean. It worked but at the moment I have something else. When I will be looking for a new one I will definitely check this one out.

Neutrogena visibly clear oil free face moisturizer is a constant in my routine. I use it religiously every morning because it is hydrating and sinks right in so it doesn't add any unnecessary grease to my skin and also it doesn't break me out. I'm already using a new tube of it.

Garnier skinactive 3 in 1 (scrub, face wash and face mask) is the very last tube. I also had this one for a really long time but this kind of products for me always take a long time. It claims to be 3 in 1 but honesty I don't use it as a scrub because it is not effective enough plus I started to use more of a chemical or enzyme scrubs opposed to mechanical. Sometimes I put thin layer all over my face and let it dry while I brush my teeth, if I had more time or my skin was acting up I would cover it up in a thick layer and let it dry completely or I would opt for a quick wash with this clay based product. I really like it and got used to it so I always have something clay based that can be used in multiple different ways at all times. At the moment I'm using a different one from Neutrogena and I like it a lot. I'm not particularly loyal or picky, so when I'm in need I usually buy the cheapest ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

04 May 2020

Sparkling Brown


another neutral eye shadow coming your way. I purchased this shadow during the black Friday last year and it took me a couple of months to actually try it out. They don't have a lot of shadows to try out and I bought the only neutral shimmery version that was there and I couldn't pick out more 'boring' shade if I would try ;)

Sante mono shadow in Sparkling Brown which I got at a whopping 50% off discount. I was scared that they will remove the entire brand out of the store but thankfully it is still there, a bit expensive but it is still there.

Lovely, sturdy packaging with their logo printed into the shadow, I know it is supposed to represent a human but all I can see is an eagle and it always makes me smile :)

The name, Sparkling Brown reveals it all. It is medium brown with a warm undertone and plenty of shimmer. I already have similar shades in my collection and for sure I didn't need another medium brown in my collection but sometimes the shopping bug gets me and I buy things without thinking.

Here you can really see the shimmer, thankfully it doesn't have the tendency to fall down my cheeks and the formula is very creamy and blendable. It is a bit dark but I can sheer it out to my desired look. If they will come out with more shades (not that I need more shadows) and have some awesome deals I will get some more, the sturdy packaging is also a very big plus.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

02 May 2020

Precious Peach and Pink Pearls


glossy lips are definitely my jam so when brands come out with something glossy I'm all about it. Avon had Supreme nourishing lipstick (I think they discontinued them already) which I reviewed here already and I liked them, a couple of months later they came out with marbled glosses...

Avon supreme nourishing lip gloss in Precious Peach and Pink Pearls. Even though I know that the 'pattern' will wear off when I will use it a couple of times I still wanted them. There are four shades and since I couldn't narrow it down to just one I bought two.

First is Precious Peach and bolder shade is Pink Pearls. They have a lot of glitter particles in gold and pink in it but I can't feel them on the lips.

On a first glance they were very similar to the Catrice vitamin lip treatments but the Avon ones are way more pigmented and glittery while the Catrice ones were more juicy and felt lighter on the lips.

Precious Peach is a lovely peach shade (a bit brighter in real life) but still very wearable and it goes with a lot of different looks. This one is my every day shade when I want to wear something glossy and pigmented, while I can't say the same for the other one...

This bolder number, Pink Pearls is very vivid and bright so wearing it to work seems a bit too much, also the reapplication most definitely have to be done in front of a mirror. This one on the other hand stains my lips so after the shine dies I can apply clear lip balm and it still looks pink and like I tried harder than I actually did.
They smell like fresh melons, slightly different from your typical caramel scent but I have a feeling like nowdays they make lip glosses with more of a fruity vibe, right?
These are very nice if you like pigmented and glittery glosses. I usually stay on the shimmer free side and prefer less pigmentation but every once in a while I like to switch things up, especially I like the peachy one. I am having plenty of fun wearing them but I won't repurchase them again. I also started to see them on a discontinued side of a brochure so they will be soon gone forever.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day