31 May 2020



by the end of this month I haven't finished so many products but some of them are older or just harder to finish and I'm still happy to make more room, perhaps for something new  ;)

I have a couple of Nivea products, I started to really like the brand the more I try form them. First is their 1 minute urban detox mask with Green Tea & Hyaluron. I really like this fast working moisturizing face mask. I would apply it in the morning and by the time I prepare my morning cup of tea I wash it off any my skin feels nourished and well taken care off. I will definitely repurchase it again but at the moment I have another one, also from Nivea and it is the 'green' one.

Next is another one of my favorites and it is Catrice prime and fine anti-shine fixing spray. I got back into a habit of spraying some after I put my make-up on and I think it does make a difference, especially now when I have to wear a mask. My make-up stays nicer for longer and it doesn't smudge as easily. At the moment I'm using two other limited edition ones from Catrice and I'm not disappointed. After I will finish them up, I'm getting this one again.

Nivea rich moisture soft shower cream comes in a travel size because I received it in an advent calendar a couple of years ago. It did have creamy texture with a nice scent. I don't have the original Nivea cream on hand but I think the scent is pretty close. Very nice body wash but I can't find it online so I guess they stopped making it?

The other advent calendar surprise is this Nivea irresistibly smooth body lotion. This is a light lotion but could stay sticky if I would apply too much at once. The scent was barely there and nothing annoying. It was nice but the slight stickiness bothered me so I won't look for larger size in the shops.

The last item is a success and it is a bottle of fragrance. This is Avon Perceive perfume. It only comes in this 'plain' bottle because it is smaller size (30 ml). It was a very nice white floral with strong powdery note. To my surprise I really like it even though I usually go for a totally different scents. My bottle is very old and I was scared of the scent to go off so I used it up as fast as possible. At the moment I have a lot of fragrance but maybe in the future if I will finish up some more bottles I just might repurchase.

The very last item is this The Body Shop Pinita Colada body butter. I think I bought it online before the first store opened in Slovenia, meaning it is pretty old. The scent started to go off as well (at first it smelled a bit plastic like but when I would rub it into my skin it was nice again). Strong Pineapple and Coconut scent was very tropical and offered a nice experience but now I'm ready to move on onto something else.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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