04 May 2020

Sparkling Brown


another neutral eye shadow coming your way. I purchased this shadow during the black Friday last year and it took me a couple of months to actually try it out. They don't have a lot of shadows to try out and I bought the only neutral shimmery version that was there and I couldn't pick out more 'boring' shade if I would try ;)

Sante mono shadow in Sparkling Brown which I got at a whopping 50% off discount. I was scared that they will remove the entire brand out of the store but thankfully it is still there, a bit expensive but it is still there.

Lovely, sturdy packaging with their logo printed into the shadow, I know it is supposed to represent a human but all I can see is an eagle and it always makes me smile :)

The name, Sparkling Brown reveals it all. It is medium brown with a warm undertone and plenty of shimmer. I already have similar shades in my collection and for sure I didn't need another medium brown in my collection but sometimes the shopping bug gets me and I buy things without thinking.

Here you can really see the shimmer, thankfully it doesn't have the tendency to fall down my cheeks and the formula is very creamy and blendable. It is a bit dark but I can sheer it out to my desired look. If they will come out with more shades (not that I need more shadows) and have some awesome deals I will get some more, the sturdy packaging is also a very big plus.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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