02 May 2020

Precious Peach and Pink Pearls


glossy lips are definitely my jam so when brands come out with something glossy I'm all about it. Avon had Supreme nourishing lipstick (I think they discontinued them already) which I reviewed here already and I liked them, a couple of months later they came out with marbled glosses...

Avon supreme nourishing lip gloss in Precious Peach and Pink Pearls. Even though I know that the 'pattern' will wear off when I will use it a couple of times I still wanted them. There are four shades and since I couldn't narrow it down to just one I bought two.

First is Precious Peach and bolder shade is Pink Pearls. They have a lot of glitter particles in gold and pink in it but I can't feel them on the lips.

On a first glance they were very similar to the Catrice vitamin lip treatments but the Avon ones are way more pigmented and glittery while the Catrice ones were more juicy and felt lighter on the lips.

Precious Peach is a lovely peach shade (a bit brighter in real life) but still very wearable and it goes with a lot of different looks. This one is my every day shade when I want to wear something glossy and pigmented, while I can't say the same for the other one...

This bolder number, Pink Pearls is very vivid and bright so wearing it to work seems a bit too much, also the reapplication most definitely have to be done in front of a mirror. This one on the other hand stains my lips so after the shine dies I can apply clear lip balm and it still looks pink and like I tried harder than I actually did.
They smell like fresh melons, slightly different from your typical caramel scent but I have a feeling like nowdays they make lip glosses with more of a fruity vibe, right?
These are very nice if you like pigmented and glittery glosses. I usually stay on the shimmer free side and prefer less pigmentation but every once in a while I like to switch things up, especially I like the peachy one. I am having plenty of fun wearing them but I won't repurchase them again. I also started to see them on a discontinued side of a brochure so they will be soon gone forever.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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