30 April 2020



I have a lot of empty bottles and some products that didn't work for me and will be passed along to people who might enjoy them. I currently don't need to buy anything, I will just replace all of these products with what I already have except for one product which was on sale because they are discontinuing it and I grabbed some back ups.

Yves Rocher Raspberry and Pepermint body lotion got me with its unique scent. I discovered that I love Raspberry and Mint and in this lotion they combined them and combo is really nice. The bad thing is that it can smell a bit plastic-y every once in a while. The pump was very convenient and the lotion absorbed rather fast. It was nice, moisturizing but nothing I would repurchase it again.

Next I have matching body spray and body lotion from Avon naturals Blackberry and Vanilla collection. The scent is creamy and a bit fruity but the fruitiness does not overtake the scent. It was one of my favorite scents from naturals but these lotions are notorious for not being moisturizing enough for me. Body spray also didn't do anything for me, the long lasting power in body sprays really isn't something to brag about. I most probably won't repurchase them again (I have another body spray left in a different scent and when that one is gone I'm done with them).

I bought this Garnier Argan face mist when it was still relatively new in the store and argan is know for being moisturizing... Very early on (after using it twice in a row) I started to notice massive breakouts so I stopped using it and let my skin heal. Trying it for the second time just to make sure this is really the products that doesn't work for me, put things into perspective for me. Yes, this toner didn't agree with my skin and at first I wanted to use it all over my body just to finish it up but I have way too many products and I decided to rather give it away and maybe it will work for someone else.

The two little cute bottles are The Body Shop energising Mandarin and mattifying Mint face mists which also didn't work for me, just like the toner I previously described, these cuties also break my skin out so I will be passing them along. The Mandarin one is very zesty and indeed refreshing, the green Mint smells more like a toothpaste and you have to shake it well before use because there is white powder (clay?) on the bottom to help with mattifying claim.

The first bottle is a bit hard to see but it is Sante clear nail polish which I used as a top coat. It gave my nails the shine and make them last longer. It was fine and I'm not really thinking repurchasing it again (this bottle was a gift, I didn't buy it myself) because I have another top coat from Catrice to go through.

Next is one of my favorite lipstick formulas that has sadly been discontinued and it is Catrice ultimate shine gel color in the Don't fear the sheer!. The moisturizing formula, glossy feel and even the bright coral shade suited me a lot in my opinion. I really wish they would bring them back but right now I have some others in the testing process and maybe Catrice did remake them and put them in a different packaging... This is my very last one after a handful of them that I bought when they were discontinuing them. I haven't completely finished it up because it went bad but like I said, I have a lot of lipsticks and some are really good.

The very last item is my favorite night time eye cream and it is Avon anew hydro-advance eye cream. It is a bit thicker so I only use it at night, in the morning I don't have the time to wait for it to absorb and using it on a longer period of time I did noticed that my lines were less pronounces and my skin looked well taken care of and moisturized. Last week I noticed that they quietly discontinued it but I was able to find it on the sale pages and I ordered three more... it is safe to say that I'm good for this year when it comes to eye cream and then I will have to slowly start to look for a new one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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