07 April 2020

Bee balms


it is time for a lip balm review. I actually bought these two on two separate occasions but after trying the first one out I wanted to get another scent. In the past I had their Sun balm with an SPF but it was way too soft (it melted on the beach) and the sun protection made it very bitter tasting. I didn't have high hopes but since I later bought the other one it has to be good, right? Keep reading to find more.

Biobaza Bee balm in Lavender & Vanilla and Ginger & Honey lip balms.

At first they seemed a bit dry and hard but once I worked down the top layer they are pretty soft and creamy (my lips look a bit glossy after using them, which is a good sign for me).
They claim to be 100% natural, paraben, preservative and mineral oil free. I will admit, I bought them because of the scents and not because I would be so concerned about chemicals.
The lavender & Vanilla is as you would expect very Lavender heavy which is the reason why I bought it (I love Lavender and I know some people don't like it but I love it), the Vanilla is just in the background making it a bit creamy.
The Ginger & Honey smells like Honey to me but in the background I can detect something weird. Perhaps it is the spicier Ginger but I hoped for a sweet scent, it is still very nice but I just hoped to be a bit sweeter and warmer.
The formula for me is really nice (I count these two in my top three lip balms), my dry lips were healed after a couple of layers of these two. I keep one at work and the other one at home and my lips are nourished and replenished even under the mask.
I will definitely buy more once I'm done with them. Lavender & Vanilla will for sure become my staple, Ginger & Honey perhaps. There is also Olive & Grapefruit, Shea butter & Avocado and Kids version. I want to try all of them but first I need to finish at least 10 balms before I go and buy more.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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