10 April 2020

Bye Bye Panda Eyes!


lately I have a bit more time and finally I'm sitting down and writing all the reviews for all the products that I have accumulated in this time. Some products are with me for longer some are more recent. Today I have new Essence mascara which was sent to me by a lovely PR team. Thank you for sending me my first ever Essence mascara to try out.

Essence Bye Bye Panda Eyes! smudge proof mascara.
The tube is very curvy and voluptuous looking ;) but it does take quite some space in my jar where I keep my eye pencils and mascaras (at the moment I have two different ones opened, mainly because I couldn't wait any longer to try this one).

The wand isn't rubbery (which I prefer) and so I didn't have big hopes for liking it but it proved me wrong. This mascara from the first use isn't too wet or too dry, it is already at that 'perfect' wetness to work for me (I often leave mascaras opened for a little just so they dry out and are easier to use). At this angle it looks like the brush has two sides but it is just the angle and the wand has the same bristles all over.

I don't think that this mascara gives you 'fake' looking spidery lashes. I think it looks pretty natural, it just enhances what you already have and I like that. I have used two coats and even used it on my lower lashes (the wand is a bit big and I was clumsy at applying it on my bottom lashes but otherwise I didn't have any problems with my upper ones).
I have read on a different blog that this is a tubing mascara (I have never used one of these so I didn't know what to expect and honesty,if I wouldn't know I don't think I would figure it out). I noticed that when I was removing my make-up (I start with oil to break down everything and continue with gel based cleanser and water to remove oil with make-up off) with oil mascara stayed put, when I went in with water it started to come off (it is quite fun to remove it with only wet fingers, it just slides off of your lashes ;).
I had zero issues with it. The formula is perfect from the start and it gives me natural looking lashes without smudging (I love putting mascara on my lover lashes to test this claim) and removing process is so easy. This one costs less than 4 eur in the stores and I think I will buy it, once I'm done with it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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