03 April 2020

Peachy Bronze


this is an older blush in my collection and imagine my surprise when I dig through my posts and I noticed that I forgot to mention this one. I'm in love with anything marbled, they really can sell me anything with a swirling pattern.

It is marbled blush in Peachy Bronze from Alverde. They are known as a more natural and green company, hence the green packaging.

The pattern is very light but it has some interesting colors in it. From light, pastel pink to a rose, peach and olive green. It overall looks pretty matte but when swatched it has some barely there sheen.

The color is a soft rose which is not too cool and it suits me very well. I have found out that I can't wear cool toned pinks on my cheeks so I seek for warmer rose shades and this one is pretty close to the perfection.

Not only the shade is lovely I even like the light pigmentation that it has because if you are pale you start appreciating lighter shades that don't make you look like a clown.
It is one of those fabulous blushes that you just can't go wrong with it and even if I apply it in the early morning under poor light it will never look out of place.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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