18 April 2020

Luminous Velvet lipsticks


another older product and as far as I'm aware Avon is phasing these lipsticks out from their range and replacing them with a new formula and new purple packaging (I also have those and soon I will try to review them).

Avon luminous velvet lipsticks in Luminous Nude, Glistening Mulberry, Rosy Glow and Gilded Berry.
I only bought the mini testers because I wasn't sure how will they turn out and I'm glad that I did.

I picked out four shades and since at the time I was purchasing them there were no swatches available I blind picked these and that is why two of them look very similar. First is  Luminous Nude, Glistening Mulberry, Rosy Glow and last Gilded Berry.
They are all a bit dry and would be matte if they wouldn't pack them with gold shimmer.

I dislike Luminous Nude. It is a warm nude and that gold shimmer makes it extra warm and sort of weird on me. There are people who can pull out the golden lip but I'm not one of them.

Glistening Mulberry is a bit deeper Rose shade and I actually like it quite a lot. Sometimes I like to add a bit of lip balm on top just to make it a bit less matte and I'm good to go.

Rosy Glow is very similar to the previous shade but this one has just a touch more of pink tone to it. It looks a bit brighter and also quite flattering on me.

The last one looks pretty dark in the tube but with a lighter hand I can make it work, it is called Gilded Berry. My preferred look is to dab it over my lips to make it look more like a stain and since the formula is jam packed with pigment and dry it sticks to the lips and lasts. When it comes to the longevity this line of lipsticks is very nice but I still prefer something creamier and almost glossier so the 'new' line of lipsticks named Mark Prism is a little bit more of my cup of tea.
This is not my favorite Avon lipstick formula and I'm glad that I only got samples. Probably I will just throw away the Luminous Nude shade but the rest will be used up, on its own or in conjunction with the lip balm.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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