12 April 2020

Romantic Rose


I'm 'cleaning' my not yet posted items and found this beauty under unpublished posts, now I guess is the perfect time to introduce it, perfect for Spring time.

Avon Luxe Romantic Rose lip gloss comes with a 4,5 ml of product. Seeing it in person you wouldn't think it has so little product inside but I guess the plastic walls are thick.

It has a standard dove foot applicator with a slight melon like scent to it.

It has this pearl shimmer to it which reflects mostly in silver and pink. Even though it looks pink I don't get much color on my lips so I didn't even bother with lip swatches. My preferred way of wearing it was over some light, neutral toned lipstick and I think this gloss gave my lips a bit of a shine. On its own it isn't super glossy but the shimmer in it makes it appear shinier. I love super glossy lips but when glosses have this type of a shimmer in them I guess they have to make a different formula just so the shimmer doesn't sink. It is not sticky and it is very pleasant to wear.
I had it for almost two years now (I'm super late with this review but at least I really put it on the test ;) and while it is not finished I will have to throw it away because it started to turn. Probably wearing it on top of other lipsticks and not wiping the applicator after each use it started the process faster and I'm forced to throw it away. Luckily, I have another lip gloss from Essence that is also shimmery so I can replace it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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