05 April 2020

Project polish


I went through my nail polish 'collection' and found some nail vanishes that were barely holding on. I did one last manicure with them and now I am ready to throw them away. They are all pretty old and discontinued, I liked all of them but there is only one that I will truly miss...

By coincidence they are all from the same brand. First is Essence re-mix style Dance top coat, second is Essence sparkle sand top coat and last is Essence show your feet in Electric Blue nail polishes.

Essence re-mix style Dance top coat was part of a limited edition from years and years ago (I also had a holo top coat from the same collection and it was also very fun one to use). It was a flakey top coat and whenever I felt that my nails looked a bit too bland I would apply one coat over and it transformed them immediately into something more fun looking. Through the years I have become a bit more toned down when it comes to my nails so as of recently I wore it more over neutral colors and the sparkle was only visible on a direct light. I very much liked this one and would repurchase it. It is not completely finished, there is a little less than half left but it is too goopey to work with it.

Next is my favorite top coat and it used to be in their regular display and I hope they will bring it back or maybe some other brand caries something similar? It is Essence sparkle sand top coat and it is a beauty. I love sandy finish and whenever I wear something like it I can't stop touching my nails, forget about shiny top coats, rough finish is what I love ;)  I still have some nail polishes that dry out grainy but most of them are shiny smooth and adding this beauty on top, I could turn every color into my favorite finish... This baby is also half done but it dried down and I can't use it anymore.

The very last one is Essence show your feet in Electric Blue nail polish. The link takes you to the swatch that I did last year and compare it to the Avon one which I still have and I will replace it with. Both are already discontinued but I know Avon has a similar color in their range so I won't be too upset when I finish the other one as well because I can easily get a new and fresh bottle.

This project polish is very addicting for me and I can't stop grazing my 'collection' and picking the new victims ;) I absolutely love finishing my nail polishes down or at least use them as much as possible because knowing that my numbers are going down makes me super happy. I am not so excited to make room for new ones, not at all, I'm just trying to get to somewhat 'normal' number of nail polishes and then maintain more of a minimalistic approach.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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