20 April 2020

Smokey Brun & Millionaire


nothing new just old eye shadows (I think i bough them two years ago and started testing them last month). It is fair to say that I completely forgot about them. They are from Rimmel London and are my first eye shadows from them. Of course I picked up the most boring neutrals but since that is pretty much all I wear it seemed right.

Rimmel Smokey Brun quad and Single shadow in Millionaire are the lucky ones on the photo.

It has four neutrals all with a slight shimmer closer to sateen finish than glitter and I really like the finish. The darker two have less of a shine while the last two shades, lighter ones sparkle a bit more.

This big single format shadow is that beautiful neutral toned brown with a sateen base with some little shimmer particles. It is not too sparkly but just enough to not be boring.

They swatch so-so, I had to layer the color and build the pigments up for the camera to pick it up. I don't mind that the shadows aren't super pigmented because I prefer lighter washes of color but the color can be intensified with layering. The single shadow has a better pigmentation than the quad tho.

If I start with the  top and the darkest shadow in the bunch it is quite of a dark brown with neutral undertone.
Next shadow is warm, fox brown. Very warm copper tone that I usually don't love but every time I put it on it makes my eyes appear more vibrant blue and that is something I like to do every once in a while. Not my favorite in the palette but nice enough to use.

The bottom shade is an off white color that could be really nice for highlighting my inner corners but I find it to be too close to my skin tone and it just doesn't pop enough.
The last shade has to be my favorite. Cream toned with almost a peach tone to it (especially when compared with the previous shade), it blends into my skin tone but it is the finish that makes it look so beautiful. If I put it all over the lid and add just mascara it creates a very simple look or I can layer it over darker shades to add some special effect, no matter which way I do it I always end up loving it.

This is the swatch of a single shadow and in the pan it looks pretty neutral but on my skin it still pulls a bit warmer but the shine is almost cool toned not gold as you might expect. This one doesn't have that much of a sparkle but more of an intense sheen. Very beautiful but I already have a few similar shades in my collection.

All in all these shadows aren't anything special. I already have similar colors and these don't layer that well on top of one another (if I apply it over the slightly sticky primer the color will stick and be bold, everything else I would layer on top would just dust off, they also blend one into another, specially the darker shades). They are seriously not the best ones out there and probably I won't buy more (unless I see something really special) but I will try to finish them up since I do like the shades.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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