24 April 2020

Project Polish


this 'batch' of nail polishes that I'm done with was planed. I was in a neutral zone and I picked up the last three that I had from Color Trend line from Avon, plus they all look so nice together that I just couldn't resist.

Avon Color Trend Boldest Beige, Pout and Rare nail polishes. They all look like a slight different variation of a perfect nude nail varnish and lately I have really been into barely there nail colors. None of them is completely finished, that is  because they are all very old, especially Boldest Beige and the formulas stayed tacky and goopey on my nails so they weren't usable anymore.

Boldest Beige was part of a limited edition shade and it was a lovely light nude with full opacity achieved after two coats.
Pout and Rare are both from their regular selection and if I'm not mistaken are still available (even though I really liked them I won't be repurchasing them because I already have somewhat similar shades). Pout is almost a pastel pink with a bit of a thicker formula (I had to work fast and in thin layers but two coats were enough for full coverage), Rare is more taupe/mushroom colored but this one had the best formula of them all. It was quite thin and watery so at first I didn't have enough hope that I will achieved full opacity with two coats but second coat covered everything really nicely. I could still use it (it wasn't thick but it just didn't want to dry down, so the next morning I had my sheets printed onto my nails). They were all really nice shades but the brushes are a bit wonky so probably I won't buy any Color Trend nail varnishes in the future, unless I will see a gorgeous color.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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