24 February 2016

19. NOTD


I recently bought two new nail polishes and they belong to the new revamped Color Trend line by Avon. I have some old ones and they are okay, nice colors and formulas but I always struggled with a brush. It is so basic and kind of all over the place that I find it hard to paint my nails precisely with it. They revamped the line like I mentioned but the bottles are the same, also the brush is back. It looks like they only changed the shades and as far as I can say they are all with a cream finish and nicely pigmented.

Avon Color Trend Pout

This beautiful pale pink shade is called Pout. Recently I have been enjoying light shades like this one and I'm so happy that it also looks good on me.

Avon Color Trend Pout

The formula on this one is definitely not the best, probably the worst out of the all Color Trend shades that I own. Truth is that pale/pastel shades often have weird formulas and this one is not an exception. I had to layer three coats to get nice and even finish without bald patches. I think I can survive with that simply because I love the shade, if the color wouldn't convinced me I would send it back.

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