13 February 2016

Wild Rose oil


I'm back with another fantastic face oil. My skin is pretty oily and dehydrated at the same time, so this weird mixed skin type is really hard to take care of. A couple of years ago I dived into oils. I did a little research and decided that for a beginner Rose or Wild Rose oil would do.

Alverede Wildrose face oil

I picked this one from Alverde because it is a natural brand. I've read that Wild Rose oil has the ability to help penetrate ingredients into deeper levels of your skin so you should make sure that the oil you are using is non toxic and actually good for you. I like Alverde as a brand and trust their claims when it comes to how natural their products are plus the items aren't to expencive.
The first thing about this product is smart packaging. The bottle is small, 15 ml, but that makes it convenient for traveling (when you get hooked on, I bet you will want to take it with you wherever you go). The best thing is a nice dropper which makes precise application and fulfills hygene standards. After a week I started noticing big changes on my skin. The overall redness (yes, my skin is also sensitive and various shades of pink) was reduced and skin looked more plumped. I usually use night cream and then oil on top or when I don't need a lot of extra moisture (usually in the summer) I spray toner all over and while is still damp I put three to four drops of oil on top.
It smells like Rose bush and it is so pleasant to go to bed and smell this on my face, I could say that it helps me sleep. ;)   This is my third bottle and it will soon get empty. Next time when I will be close to the drugstore I will pick another bottle of it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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