04 February 2016

Lavender floral water


I couldn't resist when I saw them on sale. I had to pick up the backup of the backup. Only one has the spray because you really don't need more because they are reusable.

Melvita Lavender floral water

So they are from Melvita and are called Lavender floral water. I used one already and these two are the backups, this clearly shows that I love it.
I don't use it as a regular toner on a clean face but I rather use it as a make-up fixer on top (it does not prolong the make-up it just makes it look more natural). I spray a little bit all over my face before I powder and before mascara because I don't use the waterproof or water-resistant version. It boost up the moisture level and helps foundation or bb cream blend better with my skin. Sometimes I notice that my make-up sits heavy or it looks unnatural, one quick spray and the problem goes away. Yes, it makes my skin a bit more dewy but I lightly dust setting powder on top and it is fixed, also during warmer months it is nice to cool yourself with a light sprinkle over make-up during the hot day.
I tried a couple of other toners in a spray bottle and they just didn't work as well as this particular does. The Rose one from Melvita is also nice but this one is better. I can't quite explain it but I prefer spraying my make-up with this lavender water.
I really shouldn't forget to mention that lavender is one of my favorite scents.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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