28 February 2016

Bright eyes


I have been seen wearing this double ended pencil for the past few days. Today even my mom commented how pretty it looks on my eyes so I decided that it is time to write my opinion.

Avon Color Trend Bright eyes

Avon has already discontinued this product but you can still find it on sale, I bought mine for just 1,5 €. For that price you get normal sized pencil with two different colors. It is part of their youthful line Color Trend and the name of this particular shade option is Bright eyes.

Avon Color Trend Bright eyes

This is the black side and it is not very dark, it actually swatches more dark grey but I don't mind since I think black looks too harsh on me and I always go with dark grey instead black, what I'm trying to say is that this is right up my alley but I imagine it won't be everyone cup of tea.

Avon Color Trend Bright eyes

With the lighter side I had some problems at the beginning. It was so hard and I almost bruised my hand when I tried to swatch it, apparently it had to be warmed up to make it work but now it is fine, it is soft as a butter.

Avon Color Trend Bright eyes

Here they are, as you can see black is not really pitch black and the highlighting shade has that golden tone that on my pale skin pulls a bit orange-y gold which is not my favorite but I do like the slight metallic finish along the lover lash line which sparkles so nicely and drags more attention on my eyes.
I will really enjoy using it more but I can see why they discontinued it so fast.

Thank you for reading and have  a nice day

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