22 February 2016

Cushion BB cream


I couldn't resist buying the oh, so hot right now, cushion BB cream. They are everywhere and so damn expensive. I found a bit cheaper version plus it is just a refill, plain plastic packaging which comes without the sponge so I tried to apply it with my fingers. Probably the finish is better with a sponge but I simply don't have it.

A'pieu Air Fit cushion refill in the shade 23

A'pieu Air Fit cushion refill in the shade 23. I honestly don't know what I have been thinking because I know for sure that I'm 21 or sometimes even 13 (shade not age ;) 
So refills comes in this little white pots without anything written on them.

A'pieu Air Fit cushion refill in the shade 23

Once you press finger on it and pick the color it swatches lighter but it is still too dark for me. I was kind of surprised that the texture is so light, liquidy. I don't know why but I expected to be thicker.

Here it is swatched on the back of my hand. I blended it in on the lower part of my hand, so you can see how off the color is and my face is even lighter plus you can spot how dewy my skin looks. I like moisturized looking skin but the coverage is almost non existing. I wore it three times when I was at home so no one saw me. It made my skin very dewy and all of my imperfections still show through, it blurred them but not covered.
I'm disappointed, not just about the color because if that would be all I could mix with with something lighter or I would just buy the lightest shade  and mixed my own shade but the non existing coverage bothers me. If you have far from being perfect skin than you understand me.

I'm not so sure if I will try more of the cushion BB creams, maybe other brands but so far I just don't trust them. I'm googling the Missha limited edition ones which feature cute Line Friends (bears or chickens all over) but I don't think I would buy something triple the price just because of the sweet packaging.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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