14 February 2016

e-bay auctions are risky


I love going through e-bay, especially auctions. Sometimes I bid on items I don't even know what they are. All I see is a BB cream for only 2 $ and I ether save it for later or bid on it. If I bid and someone else is bidding back I get frustrated and bid so at the end I win it, oh joy. Later on, the reasonable side of me hits me with the question, what the hell did I just bought? Do you ever get like that?
I have another example and the result is this item. I saw eye cream from my favorite BB cream brand and opening bid was just 1 $, of course I had to place my bid and when I pressed enter I noticed the shipping rate, it was 14,99 $. So the next three or four days I spent praying someone else will bid and save me but nope, I was the only sucker that bid and eventually won the item.

Skin 79 the Oriental Double Perfection Eye Healer Plus eye cream

So this is Skin 79 the Oriental Double Perfection Eye Healer Plus eye cream. The name is pretty mouth-full and maybe this is the reason why it is so expensive ;)
I did some research and there aren't a lot of reviews but they all say that it works and it is actually really good. I will have to see it myself, I have high hopes for it and I honestly hope it will not let me down. After a month or so I will report back to post my thoughts about it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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