26 February 2016

Tranparent lines


I'm not huge on lip liners but I do like if my lipstick stays put even after a cup of tea. I bought my first liner last year and I have been loving it but I felt something was missing. When I saw this one I knew this was it.

Essence lip liner Transparent

Everyone is talking about these Essence lip liners and raves about them. They are just 1.15 €, total steal, so I got myself a transparent shade which can be matched with every lip color under the sun. It definitely is a bit waxy and not so dry as the Avon one (which I absolutely adore). When I put this one on I can definitely feel it when I press my lips together but when I top it off with a lipstick it is not detectable but it does lasts longer not as long as the Avon one but it does prolong the wear. I probably won't pick other shades but I think I will repurchase the transparent version.

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