17 February 2016

Raspberry and Hibiscus


today I will show you which products I use in the shower at the moment for my hair. I would say I'm for the most part genetically blessed with good hair and so I don't mess around with them too much. They are pretty long (my sister says that I could walk topless and no one would noticed  ;), light brown with natural blond streaks and straight with very little volume.

Avon Naturals Raspberry & Hibiscus shampoo and conditioner

So for a couple of years now I use mostly Avon products and since they work great I don't feel the need to try products from other brands. 
I used up one bottle of this shampoo before and I remembered that I liked it so this time I went and bought the whole line. They are suppose to give you volume and my hair are really flat and straight with no grip so to get any volume it is to say the least challenging. They however don't make my hair voluminous but they make them super straight (I know my hair are naturally straight but sometimes I get a random curl or the tips get a bit curled but using this shampoo and conditioner makes them flat as if I would use the iron, people are actually asking me if I straighten them up but nope it is just these two guys). I like that because I can't do much with my hair so minor differences are much appreciated. The second thing is the scent. This is supposed to smell like Raspberry and Hibiscus, I'm not so sure how Hibiscus smells but it doesn't really matters because all I can smell are fresh Raspberries and the scent lingers on the next day as well.

Avon Naturals Raspberry & Hibiscus daily hair refresher 

This is the third item in this line and it says it is a daily hair refresher. What can I say about it? It is Raspberry scented water, I use it instead of parfum. I haven't noticed anything dramatic while using it for the past month in terms of moisture or volume.
Would I repurchase this line? Shampoo and conditioner in a hart beat but I can't make my mind about this hair spray. It really does nothing but the scent is nice. Maybe, if I will find it on sale otherwise no.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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