27 February 2016

Pink Daisy and Sicilian Lemon


I have some more moisturizers for you. This time it is from Avon, I had this particular scent for a while but I never got around to use it since I have so many of them but I saw that this one will get discontinued soon so I decided that I will try it before it will be gone.

Avon Naturals Pink Daisy and Sicilian Lemon body lotion

It is from their Naturals line and the scent is Pink Daisy and Sicilian Lemon. I do smell lemon and some flowers, I was worried that it will smell like bathroom cleanser but surprisingly it is not like that. Actually when it is absorbed into the skin it smells more like a bouquet of spring flowers, the scent is not to strong and slowly fades away. The texture is the same as with other lotions from the line and not super moisturizing but if I use it consistently every day it is okay.
I already used a third and I can't make up my mind if I would repurchase the scent, probably not since I have over 30 bottles and tubes of moisturizers but the scent is never the less lovely and I do enjoy using it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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