10 February 2016

Gilded Metallics


yesterday I only showed you the box of my new Avon eye shadow quad because it was already dark and the colors didn't show up. So, today I had a photo session with only this palette and I tried and I think I managed to capture the real colors.

 Avon eye shadow quad Gilded Metallics

This quad, Gilded Metallics has more or less khaki green and gold infused colors. I wasn't particularly sure if I will be able to pull it off because of my grey/blue eyes. I don't like to much color there, I prefer neutrals that don't clash with my eye color. 

Avon eye shadow quad Gilded Metallics

The colors look slightly different swatched on my skin than they look in the pan.
The no. 1 color in the pan looks warm light yellow but the color doesn't really transfer but it is packed with small yellow gold glitter. I tried it in my inner corners but it is too yellow for me to like it. I will try to put it only on the center of my lid to add some light but it is not my favorite shade, I could do without it as well.
No.2 is warm light brown with somewhat green undertone that will be lovely as an all over the lid shade.
No. 3 is my absolute favorite. It is khaki green with gold sheen which was seen whenever I moved my arm and I think it will be stunning on the eyes, perfect all over the lid shade plus it is so special that I probably won't get tired of it anytime soon.
The last one no. 4 is chocolaty brown with sparse tiny gold glitter.. The glitter looks a bit much but it makes the color tied more to the whole palette. On the eyes it is not really visible and I'm okay with it. I like to use it as a liner on top lid and on the lover one I smudge it to make my eyes a bit bigger and smokier.

Like I said, I was scared that the palette will be too green and it won't suit me but I ended up loving it. These type of khaki green are perfect for a very soft smokey eye, I feel comfortable wearing it also during the day but the shades can be intensified and perfect also for women who likes darker eye look. I'm really happy that I took risk and got this one instead Stone Taupes or Mocha Latte (they are both neutral and have only beige/brown shades). maybe next year I will pick up these two as well but for now I have a lot of new eye shadows and not enough days to play with.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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