25 February 2016

Velvet matt


today was a lovely day, great to swatch some eye shadows. I bought these two Catrice Velvet matt ones in January and I have been wearing them, not as much as I should but I think I can excuse myself because I recently bought so many of them.
The formula is great and I'm not quite sure why they had to discontinue them.

Catrice Velvet matt Vanillaty fair
Catrice Velvet matt Princess Mattleine

They are both nice and have a creamy consistency. No shimmer is present but they have more of a sateen finish, it makes them glow without the particles. I love them for that but when it comes to the specific colors I get really particular, they look quite different on the skin than they do in the pan.

Catrice Velvet matt Vanillaty fair & Princess Mattleine

Vanillaty Fair has that white/yellow base with a strong gold reflex, it looks nice on it's own or layered under some gold shimmery shades to give more coverage. I love using it but I can't say the same for the other shade.
Princess Matteleine looks flesh toned beige to me but somehow it turns more orange-y on my skin and specially on my lids. It makes me look like I'm sick or something. On it's own it really doesn't look flattering on me but I tried to wear it as a base color and it is fine and I'm sure I will be able to use it up, it's just not my favorite.

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