02 February 2016

new stuff


yesterday I happened to be at the drugstore and picked some products and today I finally went on a hunt to get the last Essence items before they sell them out but for most I was to late but I maneged to get one.

Catrice Camouflage cream concealer, Essence I ♥ Nude Creme Brulee, Essence The Velvets Taupe Secret and Essence Metal Glam Daily Glam 

I picked up the super raved Catrice camouflage cream concealer in 010 Ivory. This is the lighter shade and it should match me. I have two other concealers I would like to finish first and then I will start using up this baby.
Next I have Essence ♥ Nude eye shadow in Creme Brulee. I found them in DM and they were on sale. Probably they will replace them with the new Velvet range. This was the only lighter shade that they had, the rest were darker which I didn't really want.
And talking about the new products I picked one from The Velvets and it is in the Taupe secret shade. I selected this particular shade to use it as a transition shade in the crease and I can only hope it will be light enough. The knitted pattern is so beautiful on it.
The last one is the only item I got from the Essence sale and it is from the discontinued line called Metal Glam. This was the only shade that was left and actually the only one I wanted. It is Daily Glam. I don't care for the glitter over spray but I can't wait to see what shade it is underneath.

In the next days I will have my hands full with trying out these products and I will report back which won my hart.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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