15 February 2016

18. NOTD


my previous manicure was made with an old nail polish and I figure it out that they get chipped or damaged faster than newer polishes. So for this year my nail polish resolution is to buy less polishes and try to use up what I have. Yep, use up and throw away empty bottles. I can't remember when was the last time I finished a nail polish which wasn't a clear one, well this year I cleaned up two already and one will soon followed.

Catrice Greige! The new Beige

However, this one is not old. I bought it last year and forgot about it. So this is the first time wearing it a couple of months later. It is from Catrice and the name is Greige! The new Beige. In the bottle it looks more brown and a bit scary. I'm still not sure why I purchased it because the color in the bottle does not look so great to me.

Catrice Greige! The new Beige

The situation changes once it is on the nails, when it dries it looks more grey than brown and it looks so good. I feel great wearing it because it matches everything and it looks polished in a chic way. I can see it will also look great paired with a lot of other colors as an accent color on one or two nails. I just get all giddy when I start thinking how playful this color can be.
Now I'm hitting my head for not using this beauty for so long, I have a feeling I will soon have to repurchase it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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