18 February 2016

Hazelnut Squirrel


I have a skincare post for you today. My skin can get really dry and itchy so I make a point and moisturise every evening after a shower and I go through moisturisers with a speed of light and I'm constantly on a hunt for a new formula and scents. I was seeing this butter in the store for a while and I also found positive reviews about it plus the price was super low. Did I mentioned it has a squirrel on it? Super cute.

 Balea Hazelnut body butter

Everyone compares the scent of this Balea Hazelnut body butter with Monte dessert. The scent really is similar and applying this all over my body makes me feel like a hazelnut cake  ;)

 Balea Hazelnut body butter

I was a bit scared because I don't like chocolate and nut scents in body product (I love eating them but as scented product they often smell fake and that makes me feel sick). I didn't had high hopes and I seriously thought that I won't be able to leave it on my skin. What a surprise, on the skin first it actually did smell a bit artificial and it makes me sick but when it sinks in (a minute or two) the scent kind of adapts, it mixes with my skin and there is still a bit of hazelnut in the air but there is also some warmth. If you imagine cabin in the middle of the woods and you are all warm and cozy in your pijamas in front of the fire place and sipping hot cocoa. It gives me that kind of felling.
This buttery pot really surprised me in a positive way but I'm not so sure if I will repurchase it right away, I have a feeling I will get tired of the scent or maybe in the spring I will just want something more fresh but if this will still be available next winter I will seriously reconsider repurchasing it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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