11 February 2016

Essence eye shadows


I'm back with another eye shadow filled post, this time all of them are from Essence and I have to say that Essence is quickly becoming my favorite eye shadow brand.

This beautiful cream color is part of the ♥ nude range and the shade is called Creme Brulee. It has a sateen finish and it is beautiful as an all over the lid color. If you look closer you will notice that it has a slight peach undertone which makes my blue eyes stand out a little bit more without being too obvious. 

This one belongs to the new line called The Velvets. I love the texture/pattern but the formula and the color are what makes it so fantastic. This shade is called Taupe Secret and it is slightly darker than my skin and so perfect to fake the crease. It is very subtle and jet makes such a big difference. I love the fact that it is matte.

This last one just got discontinued, actually the entire range of the Metal Glam eye shadows is gone. I was fortunate enough to pick this beauty which is called Daily Glam. On top there is glittery over spray and when I removed it it looks much better in my opinion. It is still shiny almost metallic looking and it is great as an all over the lid shade if you like the attention or I sometimes put it only on the center of the lid to capture the light.

Essence Daily Glam glittery over spray & the color underneath 

On the photo above I swatched Daily Glam, the first stripe is the over spray and the second one is made with the layer that it is underneath. It is slightly less pigmented and less sparkly but it is still wet looking with a metallic finish.

Essence Creme Brulee, Taupe Secret, Daily Glam & My favorite Tauping

Here I swatched them in the same order as they are pictured above: Creme Brulee, Taupe Secret and Daily Glam. I love how they all look together and are perfect for an everyday looks, if I want I can intensify them but I'm more of a natural kind of girl. I was looking at them and thought that something is missing. Recently I have been loving smudging darker brown along my lover lash line so I decided to incorporate another Essence eye shadow, it is also from the I ♥ nude line and it is called My favorite Tauping. It is slightly darker and more neutral/cooler than Taupe secret and I have really been loving wearing it on my lover lash line.

All of these eye shadows are a real hit for me. The finishes are beautiful, colors are wearable and they compliment each other so well. I put my ArtDeco primer first and they stay put for the entire day.
I'm so happy to find such a great shadows for so cheap and I know I will wear the heck out of them.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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