01 May 2024



I am super late but my empties have been waiting for me. First photo is showcasing my empties in March and second is from April.

First is one of my favorite hand creams. It is Avon care coconut hydrating hand cream. Lightly scented, easily spreadable and very moisturizing. The price is also not too high and this one remains as one of my favorites and I am buying it again.

Next is Teaology matcha tea ultra firming face cream. This was a blunder since I wanted the gel version but I was in too much of a rush and I also didn't know that there is also a cream version. It is super green and if I didn't blend it all the way in I could look like shreek :) towards the end I started to really like it (the formula not the color) but I will rather get the gel version since it is moisturizing enough and I prefer the texture.

On top is my beloved Artdeco eyeshadow base. It is somewhat my skin tone and has some minor shimmer but I don't mind it since I rarely wear matte looks. This is one of the rare bases which holds my eyeshadow s in place. I already purchased a new pot and I already started using it.

Holika Holika petit moisturizing BB cream is one of my old school products. I used to wear it on its own but now I only wear BB creams on my vacation or I put them on my neck to help matching my face to the rest of my body. At the moment I am using another one of my holy grails which is Skin 79 Gold BB and that one tops this one for me. This one has a bit thinner texture and can look a bit dark on me but with a little effort I can make it work.

The very last item is Beauty of Joseon calming serum Green Tea & Panthenol with calming and moisturizing properties. Full of vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. I liked the thin formula and slight green tint but honestly I didn't noticed much of a difference in my skin. I also have two other versions and I will see if the two will be more effective but for now this green version won't be bought again.

I has been ages since I used Herbal Essences shampoos and when I saw this one I just had to have it. It is deep repair with manuka honey. The scent was divine and it did made my hair softer but using it non stop the conditioner on top also made an impact. I hoped this shampoo will be even more moisturizing but I guess I can't have it all. I haven't decided if this shampoo will be repurchased since I have a bunch of other shampoos but I loved the scent and that is also important :)

I had this Balea Flower Shower body wash before. It is super inexpensive and smells like Blackberries. For me thise Balea body washes are a hit or a miss, some scents turn out plasticky but fortunatelly this one is nice I am not picky as long as I get some bubbles and it gets me clean. Att he moment I am using a plum scented one which is also nice.

Heimish makes All clean make-up cleansing balm. This is first time using a balm to remove make-up (I think) and it is amazing. It does removes everything but it doesn't leave much residue. I always follow with second 

Little tube on top is Kiehl's Creamy Eye treatment with Avocado. Me and my sister made a little purchase and they let you pick some items. My sister really likes it and she suggested to get this mini for myself. I find this formula weird. It doesn't mix with water or serums. I had to make sure my skin and fingers were dry othervise it just didn't want to move around but when I figure this out it was nice but it started to bug me so much that at the end I just used it up and I won't be buying it.

Next is hand cream from Iliria, their famous 48h protecting hand cream. The formula is easily absorbed, it doesn't leave greassy stains and makes my hands super soft. It is neck to neck with Avon coconut one, the scent on this one is gentle and cream like (when you smell it you get the idea that you are smelling a lotion). I already purchased two of them as backups.

Another one of Catrice fixing sprays is gone. Such a big impact in a small 50 ml bottle. It can feel like hair spray on my face if I apply too much at once but it does hold my make up in place. Everytime I place an order through online skincare and fragrance store I get a few of those, probably I have now around 20 backups and I am not planing on stopping anytime soon.

The very last item is another holy grail of mine and I went through so many tubes of it already and I already have two backups ;) It is Neutrogena oil free face moisturizer. It is normal cream texture but absorbs quickly and hydrates my skin all day long. One weird fact is that I have been using it for a few years but the packaging changes so many times... it is insane, thankfully the product remains the same.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day