15 September 2021



I'm fresh from my Summer vacation and I feel super rejuvenated. I could finish up more than just two bottles of sun lotion but I was rotating among different tubes and that was all I could finish.

DM brand called Sun Dance makes affordable sun lotions and by my experiences very nice ones (they do protect my skin from UVB light because I don't burn ;). First is light sun lotion with SPF 20 with Coconut scent (very nice and tropical if I my add and it doesn't turn plastick-y). It is a mineral protection with Titanium Dioxide and because it is in nano particles it is not sticky or white. I actually really like it and because the protection is a bit lower as what I normally go for I layer it with something else and in this case I used another Sun Dance item. Sensitive sun lotion with calming Panthenol and with SPF 30. It contains the same mineral filter in nano particles but this one is a bit thicker and greasier for the first few minutes but after it sinks in I can't feel it at all. These two were with me last year already and I also came back from my vacation burn free and with a hint of tan. I will repurchase them again but I'm afraid that they revamped their range and have completely different range of products now...

Online I purchase this Jojoba oil from Dr. Feelgood brand that honesty I haven't herd of before. I really liked the packaging but the oil didn't feel quite right. I'm used to thicker oils and this one was extra thin. The good part was that it absorbed really fast and I used it as a moisturizer but I purchase it as an oil to remove my make-up and for that thicker texture is preferred. With this one I'm really on the fence because it isn't a bad product just not quite what I expected... and I'm not sure if I would repurchase it again.

Last two items are two face powders. First is Essence all about matt waterproof fixing powder which was available only in one white shade. This did gave me a bit of a white cast so I had to be careful when applying to prevent me from looking like Casper the ghost. I believe because the formula is waterproof it was extra drying so sometimes when applied over fresh, slightly sticky make-up it looked a bit cakey but the longer I had it on, the better it looked. Obviously, the illusion didn't last all day long (I have extremely oily skin) so after around four or five hours my natural oils would come through and I needed to touch up but it was better to use a different powder on top because this one looked too cakey. I'm glad that it is gone and I wouldn't repurchase it again even if it would still be available (I believe it is long discontinued).

The second is one of my favorite ones and it is Rimmel London Stay Matte in the shade Transparent. This one looks good applied over fresh make-up or reapplied through the day. The shade is great (but I also think that it doesn't have that much of coverage) and it is super inexpensive. I just ordered two more so I guess I can say that I love it :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

31 August 2021



a little selection of 'ordinary' items but next time expect to see some used up sun lotions because I'm finally going to the beach and have fun on the sun.

Essence Shine, Shine, Shine lip gloss in the shade Think Pink is one of my absolute favorites. Great shiny formula with a hint of color. Such a shame that they stopped making these but before they were completely sold out I got myself a back up of this shade so I'm not too sad.

Avon makes amazing mascaras, both, me and my sister are big fans of them and this one is actually my sisters favorite, I personally like to switch it up a bit but this Supershock mascara in Black always makes my lashes look super separated and long. My tube is a limited edition packaging but the brush is the exact same. At the moment I'm using different one (another one of my favorites) but soon I will repurchase this one again.

Another Avon product and this one is the body wash from senses, florist collection named Spring Bloom. To me, this was a bit fresher and with some zing, like it had some ginger in it. Not super floral or sweet, I liked it but wasn't my favorite and I'm glad I finished up this big bottle and I'm ready to start using something more up my alley (something sweeter and creamier).

Another floral product but in my opinion more true to its name is this Batiste dry shampoo called Floral. This is a typical Batiste dry shampoo, a bit white but nothing a good shake can't handle, it absorbs oils nicely through the day and keeps my hair fresher for longer. I'm super happy with this one and I'm going to repurchase it again.

The very last item is this lovely The Body Shop hand cream in Almond Milk & Honey version. The scent is creamy and super comforting, the formula absorbs fast and takes care of my dehydrated hands (hello sanitizers on every step). I can only rave about this product, the only negative thing that I can think of is small tube, because I finished it up way too fast... :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 August 2021



today I have super short list of items I have finished up in the first half of the month, I think in the second half I will have some more products, but we shall see.

Her it goes another tube of Neutrogena oil free daily face moisturizer. For years this has been my favorite and it still is. Love the light texture which keeps me matte for longer, how fast it absorbs and even if sometimes my skin feels dry this helps it relive instantly. This remains my holy grail and I'm already on my next tube.

I randomly picked up this Biobaza natural doe in Green Tea Sensation and it was a lucky pick. It is a deodorant and not anti-perspirant so I still sweat but the formula made me smell fresh all day long. For me this really thick all the boxes and the green tea scent is so calming and fresh smelling... I would definitely repurchase it  again.

The last two items are exactly the same and are The Body Shop Peppermint Candy Cane body lotions. They were limited editions scents but I bought a lot of them because I can't resist the cooling peppermint-y scent with sweet sugar notes. I loved using them even now in the hot Summer and I'm super sad that this line isn't permanent. I still have one hand cream left and then it is gone. I sincerely hope that soon they will bring it back and I would go and buy some more :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

10 August 2021

Big Softie and XXL Charm


today I have some of my favorite make-up products to talk about... that is lip products and more specifically lip glosses. I'm still loving the glossy lip.

Essence Plumping nudes lip glosses in shades Big Softie and  XXL Charm are the two that I picked out for the range.

In the name there is a clue of what kind of shades to expect :)
I picked out one 'neutral' nude and one sparkly number to have fun with it.

It has a regular applicator and the packaging holds up to 4,5 ml of product (it seems to me that they are making glosses smaller and smaller, tubes used to hold around 8-9 ml of product...).

Big Softie has a cream finish and it is a touch warmer, if I don't apply whole lot it doesn't bother me otherwise it can be a bit too warm toned for me. The other fun shade is XXL Charm and it doesn't have whole lot of pigment but it is jam packed with shimmer. On the lips it looks almost frosty but because it is glossy it doesn't bother me. I just have to be careful and not over do it.

They are a bit cooling but compared to some other plumping products these go on the mild side and so far I'm liking the fact that they aren't very strong because I'm starting to realize that I prefer non-tingling lip products. They also have a mild fruity scent which is a bit unexpected but really nice. 

All in all I'm quite happy about them, they are not my favorite and most probably I won't repurchase them but still. Fruity scent is a plus, light tingling also doesn't bother me and the shades are wearable. I can see myself wearing them daily and finish them up before this year ends.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

31 July 2021



since time flies so fast I only have time for a short empties post.

This is my favorite eye cream but sadly they decided to discontinue it. It is Avon anew hydro-advance eye cream. It has a bit thicker consistency and it feel extra nourishing. I would use it in the evening and I didn't mind the heavier texture (I think it would not be very appropriate under my make-up). My skin around my eyes looked much better when I was using it, smaller wrinkles were filled in and it made me look more youthful. Now I'm on a hunt for a new eye cream that would work at least half as good as this one.

Next is my favorite foundation. Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation in the shade Porcelain Beige. I went through various bottles and I'm already using up a new one. I love the shade, coverage is buildable so it is great for the days when I don't need much coverage or on other days I can pile it on, and it covers almost everything. 

With this one I'm not 100 % sure that the brand name is Acqua alle Rose or Roberts?? Anyway, it is a micellar water infused with Rose water. In general my skin responds nicely to Rose water that was the reason I purchased this one. I think that there are better micellar waters, more effective but it was nice one. Nothing bad to say about it, it just felt like it didn't remove all my make-up from my face. I won't repurchase it but I'm interested in their toner.

Last item is this limited edition lip balm from Essence High beauty line. I didn't like the wide opening because it made applying it  harder than it should be but the formula was great. Slightly pink toned which looked nice on my lips and formula was super glossy almost as lip gloss but the best part were the hydrating properties. My lips were soft and supple all day long. If they ever come back with it I'm repurchasing it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 July 2021



in todays empties I only have amazing products. Some are definitely going to be repurchased and back with me soon.


First we have the Ziaja Olive body wash. I purchased a full set from this olive line and so far I quite like their products. This is a body wash which was pretty liquid and a little bit at the time was enough to wash my entire body (sometimes I even used it as a shampoo and it cleansed my hair very well without stripping them too much). This big 500 ml bottle lasted me for months and thankfully the scent was also very pleasant. Creamy olive scent, I think ;) Very, very nice and I would repurchase it again.

Next is  my beloved Burdock shampoo from Ilirija. Very simple and basic looking bottle but the product does its job. It is a bit thicker and it foams really nicely. It cleansed my hair, removed all product buildup and the next day my hair were silky soft and they smell naturally herbal. This shampoo has become my favorite and it is dirty cheap. At the moment I'm using something else which is also very nice and could become my new favorite... well, they could share number one spot ;)

A couple of years ago I purchased this The Body Shop Satsuma body spray (back in the days I liked body sprays but now I prefer something more longlasting). This is a truly zesty and sparkling scent. It really reminds me of this citrusy fruit and especially the peel, because it is a little bitter and sparkling. It was a really nice refreshing scent but as I mentioned before it does not last, so I won't be buying it again in a body spray format but perhaps I will get something else from this line because the scent was lovely.

Second to last is Catrice Prime and Fine fixing spray. I have tried some of their limited edition options and so far I liked them all so why not try the 'regular' one. I did and I think it is just as good. The spray creates a fine mist and my make-up lasts longer, especially under my mask. I will definitely pick up another one but so far I have one from a previous LE and I just bought the new one form their current LE Bronze away to... after all of them will be finished I'm going back to this one.

The very last item is another Catrice product and it is from their Clean ID line and it is lip oil and since it only holds up to 2 ml it was gone pretty fast. It was a clear oil but very glossy looking and not super thin compared to some other lip oils. It also hydrated and nourished my lips so I liked it very much, unfortunately it is discontinued and I can't get a hold on it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

10 July 2021

Think Pink, No - Brainer, Oh my Plump! and Strawberry Red


a little while ago my heart skipped a beat when I found out that Essence is discontinuing their line of Shine, shine, shine lip glosses. These are some of my favorites and will now be gone :(

Later on, I figured that they reformulated them and packed them in a different packaging. I have not tried the new versions but I took the advantage and bought four more before they were completely gone.

I could not resist in getting a back up of my beloved Think Pink version, next is No - Brainer (slightly warm, brown toned nude), Oh my Plump! is a bright coral with the volumizing effect (this one has a cookie scent and a minty feel to the lips, it is not very cooling which I appreciate because I figure it out that I don't like super cooling lip products anymore) and the last one is named Strawberry Red. All three, besides the volumizing one have fruity scent, which I think is very nice and pleasant.

All four have intense shimmer which helps with the glow, but they could tone it down a notch. After they dry the shimmer stays and can migrate around my lips but I don't think it is very bad, I can manage it.

Think Pink, which is a soft pink shade is still my favorite. No - Brainer is a bit too warm for me but I try to put a thin layer on my lips and I'm fine. Oh my Plump! and Strawberry Red are both on a more pigmented end and I have to be careful when I'm applying them, because otherwise I can look like a clown ;)

These have nice scent, pleasant, non sticky formula that I really like. At first I was sad to see them go but seeing all the new versions... I think after all of these are used up, I will happily pick something from the new range. I can't find many reviews on them, so I guess I will have to test them myself.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

30 June 2021



coincidentally products featured today are mostly from Avon. I still very much like their stuff, especially their scented products, they really make amazing scents to this day.

Avon Morrocan Romance with Rose oil, soothing bath & body oil really smelled nice and I think this was my second and last bottle since they don't make it any more. This one I used in the shower after a wash, I would lather it on and rinse it off. A thin layer remain on my body and as mentioned before it smelled divine. So, to put it simply, it was an in shower moisturizing oil. The product itself wasn't anything special but I liked the scent so very much that I would repurchase it if I could.

Next is one of my sisters favorite mask, it is Avon advance technique treatment mask with Argan oil.  Even though it is a hair mask and you are supposed to leave it on for a couple of minutes I noticed that it worked its magic even if I had it on my hair for only a minute. It is such a quick little helper that I'm sure to repurchase it again. My hair looked smoother and felt silkier after each use.

In my previous post I raved about Neutrogena face cream from this pink line, so of course I had to get the matching face wash. This Neutrogena Refreshingly Clear face wash with Pink Grapefruit also had a little bit of a scent and the texture was a bit goopey. Mixed with water it was okay but I had to be careful not to get it in my eyes because it would irritate them, not so much burning them but they would just turn pink (like swimming in the pool). There are kinder face washes out there and I don't need to hurt my eyes with this one. I'm glad that this one is gone and I won't repurchase it.

The very last one is another lovely Avon product. It is from their Planet SPA line and it is Fantastically Firming with Columbian Coffee extract body cream. To me this smelled like a latte, more milky than coffee like but the scent was definitely perfect for sleeping. So calming and soothing. I also enjoyed the the txture of this cream because it wasn't a hard butter but closer to the lotion than anything else. I would repurchase it in a heartbeat if I could.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

26 June 2021

Clean ID lip oil


I have been using this lip product for a while now and I know I should talk about it sooner but I just couldn't find the time...

Catrice clean ID lip oil in a 2 ml tube. The packaging looks pretty regular just the walls must be super thick to carry such little product in it. 

It is clear (no color changing agents on the way) so it is pretty okay to reapply through the day because there is no color buildup. It has no scent or taste just a nice non sticky slip.
If I wouldn't know I would say it is a lip gloss not a lip oil, because usually oils are lighter and disappear within minutes, this one last longer and it is also pretty hydrating.

It has a standard applicator which does the job. 
This product is already discontinued (I managed to buy it while it was on sale for half the price) and since then they replaced this with tinted versions but I don't know how they compare.
This one is nicely hydrating and nourishing for my lips and I find myself reaching for it non stop, it is a shame that the tube is so small. I already used up more than half of it and soon it will be gone but now I'm intrigued to try out the 'new' versions Catrice has.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 June 2021



I'm back with another bag full of empties. 

A little while ago I was really into body sprays especially from Victoria's Secret. They had reputation of being divine so of course I picked some up, besides this one I also had Mango Temptation which smelled very nice, but I prefer this Pure Seduction body spray. It was ripe, juicy and sweet Plum scent and I really like it but longevity isn't the best simply because it is a body spray. I used it when I went to bed so poor longevity didn't bother me too much but no matter how much I like this scent I won't be repurchasing it again.

Next is an empty bottle of Iliria shampoo in  the Nettle option. I really like one shampoo from them and so I decided to try out some more. This one has a lovely fresh herbal scent but I don't think it is as good as my favorite Linden one. It did cleanse my hair but they got oily quicker than usually and they are also a bit more dry at the end... nothing major but a little difference was noticeable and  there is noting else that I have changed in my routine so I think for the majority of  it I can blame this shampoo. It is not bad, I just prefer other version.

Next is Ziaja cleansing peeling gel for normal, oily and combination skin from their Manuka tree line. This one is a proper gel formula with tons of peeling particles which are so very small that I was barely able to feel and I felt like it did nothing. My love for mechanical scrubs has faded and while I still have two left I think this will be the end. This one also didn't impress me but as of now I prefer enzyme ones.

Speaking of the more gentle kind of a scrub is this Avon Planet SPA Perfectly purifying with Dead sea Minerals gommage face mask. It contains enzymes which does the job and since they are in this thicker cream. I put it all over my face and when it gets even thicker you just wipe it off and your face is removed of dead skin cells. This type of scrubs works better for my sensitive skin but I think this one was a bit old and I didn't notice much difference. My favorite remains from Ren but recently I started to use one form Ziaja, so we will see.

I really like this Essence fruit kiss caring lip balm with strong Strawberry scent. It is very pigmented and has frosty shimmer. If applied lightly I think it works nice or even with a light gloss over... so very beautiful and did I mention that is smelled like real forest Strawberries? The thing is that I haven't finished it up but I dropped it and now the packaging is broken in a way that  I can't access the product, I never thought that can happen but trust me, I can make it happen so I'm just simply throwing it away.

Next is another lip balm but this one is more modest. It is Neutrogena one with Norwegian formula. Modest because it has no tint or scent and it just works. It has Ricinus oil as a main ingredient and I'm realizing that Ricinus works for me. It kept my lips soft and moisturized plus it has this nice slip to them. Very very nice and also quite inexpensive. This one I will definitely repurchase after I finish some more of them.

The very last item is Avon always on point eye liner in this magical shade called Lavender Grey. This line of lines is amazing, there is some kind of sharpener build in the lid of the product so whenever I was about to use it the tip was sharp, hence the name. This formula is extra creamy and easy to work with and to top it all off the shade is lovely. I finished it all up and have zero left to show but it is darker grey shade with a lavender reflex to it. It is barely visible but just enough to make it special. I would repurchase this one but first I have to go through my extensive collection. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

01 June 2021



I'm a little late but empty products pilled up so I still wanted for them to be in the spotlight.

First tube is The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA (surface hydration formula). I fell for the hype and decided to try some of their products, among all of them I decided to try this face moisturizer for extra hydration but my skin didn't think so. For me it just wasn't hydrating enough, It sat on top of my skin and make it look greasy. At the end I just decided to use it as a hand cream and all over my body so I was able to finish it up quickly and be done with it. I won't be repurchasing this particular one again but there are still some items that I would like to try out from them. I don't feel discouraged to try more for this brand just because this particular product didn't impress me.

I really like Batiste dry shampoos and when I saw this Sweet and Charming Nice version I just had to have it. It really is very sweet and powdery smelling and I liked it very much, there is also a Naughty version but I wasn't brave enough to test that one out ;) This one I will definitely repurchase.

This is second and last  product from the brand 183 Days that I will own because I noticed that they went out of business. I saw this foundation on sale for 2 € and decided to get it. It was very light in texture and coverage but that worked in my favor because otherwise it would be too dark for  me. I bought and used it only on my neck and chest, to match my foundation face to the rest of my body and for this it worked wonderfully. If they would still have it I would get it again, but as I said I wouldn't use it on my face.

Next to it is a lovely The Body Shop hand cream with Shea Butter. The consistency was almost gel like and very unusual considering that it is promoted as a Shea Butter cream. The texture was lightweight and fast absorbing but at the same time very hydrating (I have tried some other ones from them and they all seem to have this amazing formula that works for me like a charm). The scent was light, creamy and slightly masculine, I liked it very much and I will try to get a lotion or body butter in this scent beside another tube of hand cream.

I finally finished this The Body Shop Moringa body butter for 24 h intense moisture especially for dry skin texture. It was quite thick and a little went a long way, no surprise this big tub lasted me for months. I bought it after using up a hand cream in the same scent and I loved it so much to get this big boy but I noticed that the scent wasn't exactly the same. While the  hand cream was super floral, fresh and creamy at the same time this one felt a bit 'dusty' and not as bright. Maybe that was due to its age (I had it for a year and a half in my possession before I started to use it...) I'm not tempted to get this body butter again but I will get the hand cream which had the same gel like consistency as the Shea Butter version.

The very last item is super popular Weleda Skin Food Light (there is also 'regular' version and this one is a bit lighter). The scent is the same herbal which can be a bit too much for me. This is still very greasy and it doesn't absorb that fast, I also noticed that I have other more hydrating and moisturizing creams in my bathroom... plus the strong scent on this... at the end I used it all over my body just so I finish it up as fast as possible.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 May 2021



this time I will be super short and sweet :)

I finished this Dusch Das body wash in Magnolia scent. It is one of my favorites but I think next time I will try something else, a different scent. Right now I crave something extra fruity and refreshing. These are super inexpensive and I think they do the job properly.

Next is another oldie, it is Essence nail polish remover with Strawberry and Passion fruit scent. I had this one for so long that I wasn't able to pick up the scent, just regular acetone. This one is also very inexpensive and it does the job, so if it is still available I will repurchase it again.

In the glass bottle is Beauty Glam Hyaluronic Boost Serum. I like using this ingredient under creams and oils in the night time to make sure my skin locks up enough moisture especially when it feels a bit dry. I found this brand in our local store and they carry a few varieties. I am slowly trying them all and so far I haven't been disappointed.

The very last item is my tried and trusted Rimmel London Stay Matte powder in the shade Transparent. I finished up a few of them and I just keep coming back to it. I like how it sits on top of freshly applied make-up or after a couple of hours when my nose need some touchup, plus it doesn't cost an arm and a leg ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

01 May 2021



I'm a little late with this one but I had some online issues...

It is a small batch of products but they are all really nice and lovely.

First is one of my favorite shampoos, it is from Iliria and it is their Birch shampoo version (I usually get it in a smaller and more simplistic packaging). It has a lovely natural/green like scent and I would say that this shampoo is on the cleansing side. It doesn't completely strip down my hair but I think it removes nicely all the oil/product buildup and leaving my hair smooth and shiny. I already repurchased it and will start using it again.

This is my first Yope product and I decided to get this Honey and Bergamot hand lotion which I also used all over my body. The scent was a light honey one, I personally wouldn't mind if the honey note would be stronger because I love this note. The lotion had a light texture which absorbed quickly and left my skin soft. After using it at night all over my body I started to notice my skin wasn't hydrated enough because sometimes it would start to itch. If I will get it again (the scent is what convinced me) I will pair it something more hydrating and nourishing.

Neutrogena makes amazing hand creams and this one is no exception. This is their concentrated hand cream and it is fabulous. You need very little and it does the job, my hands are left soft and nourished. Previously I had the same one except it wasn't in the concentrated formula. They are both amazing, this one just last longer.

The very last item is a true gem. It is Dr. Grandel ferment enzyme peeling. It is finely mild powder which you mix with a little water until it completely dissolves and then you massage your face with it. It looks like a thin foam and my skin felt baby soft the next day. There are no harsh particles or ingredients which would cause discomfort on my face, even if I had some pimples or agitated skin. There was no pain or burning sensation. I would recommend it to people with sensitive skin, I love it so much that I already have a backup of it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 April 2021



for today I only have a little selection of my used up products but let me tell you, all of them will be repurchased if I haven't already.

Nivea Intensive hand cream has this amazing almost rubbery packaging. I had two different versions before this one and this one is just as lovely as the previous ones. Light texture which absorbs quickly and nourishes dry skin and did I mention this soft 'packaging'? I know I still have one more to go through and after that one gone I'm buying it again.

For this next product I can't 100% testify that it does miracles but most definitely I don't have any bad reaction from it. It is REN bio retinoid anti-wrinkle concentrate oil. I did  some research about benefits of using vitamin A and REN is a brand a lot of people with knowledge trust... I think it is a win-win combination. Truth is that I don't get that many acne anymore and my old acne scars are slowly fading. They are still visible and if I use products which are proven to even out the color and texture faster I will most definitely keep buying and using them. I already bought myself a new bottle and I hope that they don't amp up the price or discontinue it.

This product I bough out of curiosity because Neutrogena products seems to work for me and curcuma is an ingredient with lots of positive effects. I don't know just how much of it they used but it is in the first half of the ingredients list... It has a pleasant, light orange scent but it also burn my eyes if it gets too close. At first I thought that I won't repurchase it because of it but after I finished it I started to use something else and my face immediately responded with a bunch of nasty bumps on my chin, the only product that was changed was the face wash... So I think it is safe to say that Neutrogena Curcuma Clear face mousse wash is something I will repurchase again and now I have three holy grail face washes, each from a different brand.

The very last item is L'oreal Magic invisible dry shampoo Fresh Crush. This is my second bottle of it and I really like it. The scent isn't really fresh but it is somewhat bubble gum inspired and quite strong, thankfully I like it but maybe next time I will get a different one just to mix things up. This definitely has a white cast which requires some extra work but other than that I have nothing bad to say about it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

31 March 2021



another quick empties post in a row ;)

I'm crushing these lately but that is just how it goes sometimes.

First is this amazing The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet for all skin types. They have different versions (different types of creams and gel formula), the only one that I tried it this sorbet and I can't find it online!!! Oh, no. :(  I really like the super light texture which absorbs super quick and leaves my skin nicely hydrated without greasy feeling. I love super hydrating formulas which feels so lightweight on my face and it is such a shame if it is really gone but I will try out the gel one, maybe it will feel similar?

Next is another used up bottle of my favorite foundation, Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation in the shade Porcelain Beige. Great color match, buildable coverage (enough to cover most of my acne scars without any additional concealer), matte feeling and it lasts for hours, did I mention that it is also very inexpensive? This is simply the best one for me.

e.l.f. makeup fixing spray is the next to go. I was super curious of this brand because it looks like everyone loves them and the prices are okay. I went with this fixing spray which is nice but the sprayer on it is a bit weird and dare to say defected. It didn't leak, it just sprays sideways... very weird and I'm not sure if I will get a new one just because of the funky sprayer.

Such a cheapy but a very nice one, in my opinion. It is Dusch Das Pomegranate body wash. I don't mind using inexpensive body wash, as long as it lathers I'm good. I also loved the fresh fruity scent, I feel like I could never get sick of it and after I'm done with what I'm using right now I'm getting this one again.

The very last one is another body wash but this one is quite different. It is Ziaja Cookies 'n' Cream body wash. A bit milkier and creamier by the scent. This smells just like a vanilla ice cream in a cone. So very yummy but I got sick of it real fast. It is very sweet and at first I liked that after a month I had to bring out the Pomegranate one to switch it up and refresh. It is a nice scent but it started to smother me after a while and I won't be getting a new bottle of it anytime soon if ever.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 March 2021



I'm back with some empties. This time all but one are ether already repurchased or I will get them again someday. There are some really nice products ahead.

This is one of my absolute favorite mascaras. It is Avon Supershock mascara in black with a limited edition packaging (otherwise it is plain black). I love the wand with its rubber head and tiny spikes which combs through every lash and separates them like no other. It hold a curl nicely but it doesn't elongate them but I'm cool about that. I am already using a new tube of the same mascara and I couldn't be happier.

This wand looks like it is washed, completely clean but trust me, there is still enough mascara left on it to make lashes look bomb. I used it for a couple of months and now I started to notice that it doesn't hold my curl any more so I'm replacing it with a fresh one.

Next is Essence Camouflage matt concealer in the shade Light Rose. I'm a massive fan of the Healthy Glow range of these concealers (the same packaging just instead of matte it says healthy glow). The thing is that when I was in the store I could not find my beloved version so I picked out this one and honestly I don't notice any big differences beside the shade. This is not dry as I was scared but it is super creamy and it doesn't sink into my lines. At the moment I have healthy glow version but in the future I don't care which one I will get as long as it is the light enough shade for me.

This Neutrogena Refreshingly Clear oil free moisturiser with Pink Grapefruit got me with the oil free claim and it reminded me so much of my 'regular' one from Neutogena (Visibly Clear line) in the orange tube with oil free claim on the front. On me this one performed the same except this one has a noticeable grapefruit scent. Below I will even put photos of the ingredients list (sorry for the bad photo but since the one in orange tube is full I wasn't able to squash it to get all the writing on it). The list is super similar and no wonder they both work for me. 

Neutrogena Visibly Clear oil free moisturiser

Neutrogena Refreshingly Clear oil free moisturiser with Pink Grapefruit

At the end there are two Ziaja products. First is hand cream with cashmere proteins and shea butter. At first it can be a bit oily especially if I put too much on but otherwise it protects and nourish my dry hands nicely. Light scent never bothered me and this cream never failed me. I would like to finish up a hand full of hand creams that I have and then I would repurchase it again.

Very last is Ziaja Natural Olive body lotion for dry to normal skin. It comes in this gigantic 400 ml bottle but I was surprised that I was able to finish it up so fast. It has a barely there scent, nothing too specific, I would say it smells like a lotion... This too can be a bit oily, the cream absorbs fast but slight oiliness remains which I don't like too much, this oily film would remain and it started to annoy me. My skin seems to like it because it didn't feel or look dry, so something in this formula is right, for me it is just that excessive film that bothered me and I won't repurchase it again.

Thankyou for reading and have a nice day

14 March 2021

The Way I Am


today I have a lipstick that has become my new obsession. I absolutely love the shade and the formula and I'm super happy that I have found this little gem.

It is Catrice Power Plumping Gel Lipstick in the shade The Way I Am. Just recently they added some more shades to the range and I'm interested at how new colors looks like.

The Way I Am is a lovely nude/pink shade which suits my pale complexion to the T.

Cut at the slight angle makes application easy and creamy formula glides easily over my lips.
Catrice says that the formula is infused with Hyaluronic Acid which helps retain moisture, I have noticed that my lips looks nice and hydrated all day long as long as I was reapplying it through the day.

I think they found a nice balance between pigment and glossy finish - just the way I like it :)
Catrice used to have Ultimate Shine Gel Color lipsticks in silver bullets which were some of my favorites and I think these are somewhat similar. New version seems more pigmented with maybe a bit less gloss but they are just as comfortable and moisturizing as I remember the old ones were.

I think on my bare skin this shade, The Way I Am pulls a bit more nude, and looks extra juicy.

However, on my lips it looks more pink, which I'm not mad about. I am feeling a light pink lip at the moment and love wearing it even though most of the time it is covered under the mask.

Here it doesn't looks as glossy as it actually is but none of  my photos come out the way I wanted. I would say that the finish is more realistic on the swatch on my wrist but the way it looks on my lips is closer to a real color.

I have to say that I am very happy about this lipstick line and for sure I will check other shades and probably I will get some for my mom as well since we have pretty similar taste in lipstick formulas. I bet she would love this exact shade as well or maybe the bright pink named For The Brave.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

Catrice ultimate shine gel color

28 February 2021



another empties post in a row. This has become the easiest post to write but also I had nothing new to talk about. That changed yesterday because I went shopping and bought a few new make-up bits. I wanted to get new face primer and along the way I got some more products...

Biobaza Bee Balm and I have two versions of them. Yellow is Ginger & Honey and purple one is Lavender & Vanilla. In my initial review I said that they are on the top three list of my favorite lip balms formula but now I seem like I changed my mind. I wore them in the cold weather and that is when I had some issues. It seem like this formula doesn't like cold weather because it gets all gunky, hard and sticky at he same time while on the lips, outside or indoors if it is too cold. That product buildup is not looking nice and it also feels 'uncomfortable'. If I ever repurchase these I will make sure to use them while it is warm but at the end I don't think I will. There are so many brands out there that I would like to try out...

Next is this lovely dry shampoo from Langhaar M├Ądchen which is already a repurchase. Affordable price with a lovely scent, somehow floral with a touch of power, barely any white residue and matte finish. This is neck to neck with the Batiste and I will buy more from both brands, I just wish LM would have more scents but this one that they have is amazing already, so...

Last are two face powders, one is my old time favorite and the other one I just finished up so I can throw it away. One of my favorites is Rimmel London Stay Matte face powder in Transparent. I went through a couple of them and I still have backups. I love how matte my face looks like and it holds my oils at bay for a few hours and then I just retouch and continue with my day.
The other one is Benecos Natural compact powder in the shade Porcelain. When I bough it it was the lightest shade available (maybe now they have shades for paler people but I haven't checked them out in a while). It was too dark for me but I would use it on my neck to help it match (my neck seems to appear lighter than my face so I use a tad lighter foundation on my face and a tad darker one on my neck and at the end my face and neck don't look like they belong to two different people ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 February 2021



I'm back with a few empties. Nothing to big this time but just a bunch of every day items.

Neutrogena unfragranced hand cream in a limited edition packaging. This was actually really nice and if I'm not mistaken I bought two at the time (they were meant as a gift but I changed my mind and kept both). This has a thick formula and a little goes a long way. It immediately smooths over dry areas and creates film on my skin to protect it further on. It is not sticky or leaves greasy prints. This 75ml tube lasted me for months and I think it was really awesome. I'm super glad that I have another one on hand.

Next is Avon advance Technique heat protection spray. My bottle is very old and I'm not sure if it still works but I still used it up. I guess it can't hurt. I would use it on damp hair after I would get out of the shower and blow dry them. I didn't noticed any big difference but if I used too much my hair would be a bit crunchy the next day, so key is to use a little bit at the time. This is a product that I probably won't repurchase it again.

Tube is another Neutrogena product and this is visibly clear in the shower face mask. You are supposed to use it on wet face under the shower, leave it on for a minute and rinse. I liked how convenient and fast it was but at the end I didn't noticed that big of a difference on my skin opposed to some clay masks which are supposed to dry completely. I liked it enough to finish it up but next time I will get something different. I prefer my clarifying face masks to show better results with every use.

The very last item is Ombia cosmetics face mousse with Aloe Vera. It was very inexpensive product from the store and I decided to give it a go. I was actually very nicely surprised. It didn't irritate my skin and managed to remove my make-up or oil buildup. Very nice face wash for morning or evening. If I see it again I would repurchase it again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

31 January 2021



this is jet another empties post in a row. For now this is all I could do but I'm planning on some more posts in the future, more interesting than my trash ;)

Garnier body lotion, oil beauty with Argan, Macadamia, Almond and Rose oil. This has a lovely light texture which absorbs very fast and leaves my skin silky smooth. I bought this after my sister recommendation and she was wright. This smells divine (creamy and super comforting), is moisturizing and doesn't leave my skin sticky. This is a love and I will repurchase it again.

Next is another one of my sister's favorites and it is from beloved brand Rituals. Mine is from the: The Rituals of Sakura collection which smells like organic rice milk and cherry blossom and it is caring shower oil. I felt weird showering with it so I made my own little ritual of using it. I would shower and before patting my body dry I would apply it all over, massage a bit and then just quickly rinse it off. That way I made sure my body was clean and because I lightly rinse it off the scent stayed on my skin for longer. This seriously smells amazing. I will try and buy the lotion, if I will find some nice sales.

Nivea 1 minute urban detox mask is something I loved a couple of years ago but my love for it slowly died. I still like it but now I prefer the blue one from this line. This has little granules which do some of the scrubbing and now I prefer to use enzyme opposed to mechanical scrubs. I would massage it onto my face while in the shower and rinse it of. The base of the mask feels a bit thick so it is easy to put it on all over my face and it stays there for as long as I want (it doesn't slip), it almost feels like a clay mask and that helps with that clean feel that I used to really love but now I feel like it is maybe a bit too much. I noticed I got more gentle with my skin lately and I think it suits me more, so this mask won't be repurchased.

Next is Ren clearcalm 3 replenishing gel cream for blemish prone skin. This one does come with a big plastic lid which I threw away some time ago (I hate lids that are detachable and I will most likely throw them away as soon as possible unless there is a big opening and the product gets exposed to the air, so all of my pots still do have lid but most spray bottles don't). With this product the lid is important and I wish I wouldn't throw it away because sometimes the product that is at the top of the nozzle would get a bit dry and would block the product to get out. If you ever buy this product or something from Ren that has this type of a bottle, keep the lid. So, I still used it and I have to say I didn't notice anything special  about it (maybe the magical ingredient evaporated because of my stupid mistake). This product applies nicely only on dry skin (forget toners and serums underneath, this cream needs some slip) and I had to apply little by little otherwise it just didn't sink in. When it did, my skin just drink it up and was left thirsty. I always had to put something more moisturizing on top because this wasn't enough and did I notice my blemishes disappearing faster? Nope, my skin didn't particularly love it and I'm super happy that it is gone and now I can move to something different.

The very last item is Essence Bloom, Baby Bloom! lip gloss in the shade Hibis-kiss. It was a limited edition gloss which looked more like lip oil in my opinion. The shade was clear, very fruity sweet (I loved the scent) and it looked extra glossy just like lip oil. Sadly it also disappeared super fast, 15/20 minutes and it was gone. I started to use it at home and it went very quickly. I think it took me a month and it was gone. Also I would like to mention that the bottle started to leak. No matter how many times did I wipe it, the product as always coming trough and because the consistency is more like an oil it was running very fast and was leaving greasy marks all over. I'm super happy that it is gone and even though I liked the scent and it was moisturizing enough to be used on its own I would not repurchase it (not that it is still available).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 January 2021



today I have a very small empties post. I tried to finish as many as possible before the end of December that I had barely any products left to finish in the first half of this month.

First is one of my favorites and it is Avon Anew Hydro-Advance eye cream. It is already discontinued now but I have two more backups and in the mean time I hope they will release something similar. The cream is slightly thicker and it takes around 10 minutes to absorb which is too long for me in the morning but I loved it in the evening when I don't mind greasier textures. I used a couple of pots before and I honestly believe that this is a very moisturizing cream which with everyday use deeply moisturized my eye area and as a result my skin looked plumped. When I don't use it for a week or so my skin around eyes can get drier and lines are more visible... I don't know why they felt the need to discontinue it but maybe it didn't work as well as it does on me.

Next is another favorite of mine and it is Nivea deo beauty elixir, deo milk antiperspirant. Again, I finished a bottle of it before so this is another love of mine. I prefer roll-ons as they are the creamiest and easiest to put on for me (not the most hygienic but still). The scent on this one is super creamy - clean. It is not powerful enough to distract or mesh with my perfume but when I put it on I instantly feel refreshed. This keeps my odor at bay, only in the hot hot Summer I layer it with an extra deodorant to achieve fresh smell all day long. I already repurchased it but at the moment I'm using something new just to shake things up a bit.

Then we have Avon care regenerating with Argan oil hand cream for dry to extra dry hands. At first I was scared that it will be super greasy but it has this awesome Avon care formula. It feels like a lotion, quite light and quick to absorb but my skin feels super pampered and taken care of. The scent is nothing too offensive as it has a barely there nutty scent. This cream turned out to be a total hit and I'm definitely repurchasing it again.

The very last one is this huge Afrodita cosmetics Nettle shampoo. It is meant for greasy hair, which I have and it is supposed to help strengthen them and help with hair loss reduction. For the last two I really can't confirm or deny but I think it really is a very good cleansing shampoo. It removes all hair buildup and afterwards my hair felt light and super silky. If you are looking something to add volume this isn't for you, but I like my hair to have this silkiness which is quite easy to achieve with cleansing shampoos but I had to use more nourishing masks or oils afterwards to prevent my hair from being too stripped down. At the moment I have a different shampoo in my shower but it has very similar qualities to it so I will try to combine it with a lighter shampoo so I won't accidentally damage and dry my hair out. I love this and it is very cheap so I will definitely repurchase it again.

Even though there are only four products here they are all some of my favorites and if I don't already have a backup I will get it very soon.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day