15 September 2021



I'm fresh from my Summer vacation and I feel super rejuvenated. I could finish up more than just two bottles of sun lotion but I was rotating among different tubes and that was all I could finish.

DM brand called Sun Dance makes affordable sun lotions and by my experiences very nice ones (they do protect my skin from UVB light because I don't burn ;). First is light sun lotion with SPF 20 with Coconut scent (very nice and tropical if I my add and it doesn't turn plastick-y). It is a mineral protection with Titanium Dioxide and because it is in nano particles it is not sticky or white. I actually really like it and because the protection is a bit lower as what I normally go for I layer it with something else and in this case I used another Sun Dance item. Sensitive sun lotion with calming Panthenol and with SPF 30. It contains the same mineral filter in nano particles but this one is a bit thicker and greasier for the first few minutes but after it sinks in I can't feel it at all. These two were with me last year already and I also came back from my vacation burn free and with a hint of tan. I will repurchase them again but I'm afraid that they revamped their range and have completely different range of products now...

Online I purchase this Jojoba oil from Dr. Feelgood brand that honesty I haven't herd of before. I really liked the packaging but the oil didn't feel quite right. I'm used to thicker oils and this one was extra thin. The good part was that it absorbed really fast and I used it as a moisturizer but I purchase it as an oil to remove my make-up and for that thicker texture is preferred. With this one I'm really on the fence because it isn't a bad product just not quite what I expected... and I'm not sure if I would repurchase it again.

Last two items are two face powders. First is Essence all about matt waterproof fixing powder which was available only in one white shade. This did gave me a bit of a white cast so I had to be careful when applying to prevent me from looking like Casper the ghost. I believe because the formula is waterproof it was extra drying so sometimes when applied over fresh, slightly sticky make-up it looked a bit cakey but the longer I had it on, the better it looked. Obviously, the illusion didn't last all day long (I have extremely oily skin) so after around four or five hours my natural oils would come through and I needed to touch up but it was better to use a different powder on top because this one looked too cakey. I'm glad that it is gone and I wouldn't repurchase it again even if it would still be available (I believe it is long discontinued).

The second is one of my favorite ones and it is Rimmel London Stay Matte in the shade Transparent. This one looks good applied over fresh make-up or reapplied through the day. The shade is great (but I also think that it doesn't have that much of coverage) and it is super inexpensive. I just ordered two more so I guess I can say that I love it :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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