30 September 2021



todays post will be extra short and sweet. Just a bunch of my favorites and mostly repurchases.

Cute bottle is Yope Linden natural moisturizing hand and body lotion. It contains Shea butter, Coconut and Olive oil for moisturizing properties but the texture didn't feel very greasy. I hoped for this lovely Linden scent but it is more of a 'cream' scent, noting special, it is nice but not exceptional. They also included Chamomile and Marigold extracts for anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. All in all a nice cream but it didn't knock my socks off so probably I won't repurchase it again.

Second product is one of my favorite face washes of all times. It is Himalaya Neem Foaming Face Wash. I used it on my vacation when my skin was a little extra sensitive because of the sun exposure but it worked fine. It removes make-up and oil residue while still being gentle to my skin and it doesn't completely strip it off of natural oils. The price tag also seem fair so it is a win win for me.

REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial is amazing product. I already used up a few tubes and I'm already using new one. This is super easy to use and the results are visible right after removing it. My skin is softer right after use (first step works like a scrub) but the next day I can notice my skin being clearer and more even in tone, when I use it regularly, around twice a week my skin looks and feels amazing. I can only recommend this amazing product, but try to find it on sale. 

Beauty Glam Clear SkinSerum with 2% Salycylic Acid serum is another repurchase. I like this thick serum which absorbs super fast into my acne prone skin. I usually use it in the evening after cleansing my skin and afterwards I proceed with more moisturizing serums. I think this works for my skin and I already have a new bottle ready.

The very last item is Avon Footworks Orange and Cinnamon foot lotion, which was a limited edition scent years ago. In general I like their foot range and this one was not an exception. The cream has a nice texture which spreads out and absorbs quickly, it also had lovely Autumnal scent but after so many months of using it I kind of got sick of it. It kept my feet nicely soft and nourished so I'm definitely getting it again but in a different scent option.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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