31 January 2023



my resolution to post more often haven't come true jet but maybe next month it will be better. Until then I have my empties all lined up. 

First is my beloved Essence camouflage+ healthy glow concealer in Light Ivory shade. This is my favourite one, love the creamy texture which doesn't settle too much into my fine lines and it is the perfect shade for my skin tone. I think the healthy glow line is discontinued but I have also tried the matte version and on me they feel pretty much the same in term of formula, just the shade range is different but I can still find a good shade for me. 

Next, on top is the Lavender toner from Milnica. I like getting these since they are simple and inexpensive but I prefer to pour them into the bottles with the sprayer and spray them on so I can also use them over my make-up if I'm feeling a bit dry and tight. Lavender is my favourite, Rose being close second. I will get it again but I'm pretty stocked up so I should just finish what I already have before buying more.

Under the toner is Afrodita's pure coconut sugar body scrub. This is very intense since the sugar in it is rough but then the coconut smooths over... it actually is a delight to use because my skin is left with a thick film over it and I love it. On days that I used it I didn't really need to use any other body lotion, this scrubs and nourish the skin. The particles are rough so I would advise gentle massage but sugar does dissolve and  then is just coconut grease all over and that to me feels great. I actually wanted to repurchase it but when I got home I noticed that instead of scrub I purchased butter... it is in the same type of packaging with the same picture... I haven't use it jet but I am excited. After I'm through another scrub I'm getting this one again.

Batiste makes some of my favourite dry shampoos and the Fresh version has to be my second favourite. It is white but it is easily blended into my hair as long as I don't spray too close to the hairline and the fresh scent mimic the freshly washed hair... what is not to love? I already have a backup of it :)

Regular nail polish switching also requires nail polish remover and for me inexpensive works. I used up Ebeline nail polish remover which costs very little and is very effective. My nails aren't super sensitive, even though now in the cold they break more easily I don't think more expensive nail polish remover would be any different so I prefer to hydrate more and rather spend more money on nourishing products than nail varnish removers. I'm already using new bottle of the same kind and I will continue to repurchase it.

This next items is the only disappointing one in the bunch and it is the expensive Ahava silky soft cleansing cream. It smells like plastic, not super strong but when I rub it all over my face I can definitely smell it. The other thing and even more burning one is the fact that this product burned my eyes. God forbid I would rub it all over my eyes (to remove stubborn mascara) and then opened them... with other make-up removing products it wasn't that bad or some of them gave me no irritations at all so it has to be this particular item that I'm having issues with. I will definitely not be getting it again and currently I'm already using Jojoba oil and it removes my make-up with the same ease and if I accidentally open my eyes it doesn't burn at all. 

The very last item in here is probably the most used one since I probably used up around ten tubes already and I have no intentions to stop using it. It is Neutrogena Clear & Defend oil free face moisturiser. It is lightweight jet moisturising, is nourishes my skin but doesn't add more oils to it. Great for under my make-up or on days when I don't wear foundation. For me it is a perfect hydrator and I'm already using a new tube. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 January 2023



new year and new me. This year my resolution will be to continue on this trail of buying less and use up what I already have. I know I'm not starting with a big bag of empties but I feel like I used up a lot of items last year so that is also good.

First is a hand cream from Afrodita. It is their Grape anti-ageing hand cream (now they have it in a different packaging). To me this smells like heaven but I don't like the greasy formula (all of their hand creams are on the greasy side, my dad loves them but I'm not a fan) so I used it all over my body at night time. I noticed that they now have a body wash and a lotion... it is sold out at the moment but I hope it comes back and I will rather get that duo.

Next is one of my favourite face powders (I think it got discontinued and it is replaced with a new formula which I haven't tried yet). It is my beloved Catrice all matt plus face powder in the shade option Transparent (the lightest shade opposed to white). I think it makes my skin matte looking and it doesn't look too cakes even after a few hours or after retouching. I still have some backups and then I will just try the new one.

Next is another discontinued product and also one of my favourites as well. It is Avon anew hydro-advance eye cream. It is a thicker cream that I only used at night time (it took too long to wait for it to get absorbed, there is Shea butter quite hight in the ingredient list and it shows). I loved this eye cream (I finished around five or six of them) because I really can see a difference in my skin around my eyes, especially in my less visible wrinkles after using it for a few weeks. At the moment I am trying some new stuff but I haven't been convinced yet. This eye cream will be deeply missed and I hope Avon comes out with something just as amazing as this one was.

The very last item is not new and also it isn't getting discontinued (at least to my knowledge). I had this Blistex classic lip protector before and I remember really liking it so I got myself a new tube and it is just as amazing as I remember. It is clear, very soft (I don't need to rub excessively) and I love the gloss it gives my lips plus there is a scent that I just can't describe but it is lovely. My lips are soft and supple when I use this balm and even in the colder days my lips didn't get dry when I was reapplying it constantly. This is one of my favourites and I already got myself a backup :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day